ZiGate, Zigbee home automation gateway ZHA and ALL compatible Xiaomi Mi Home, Philips Hue, Osram Lightify

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Frédéric Dubois of the domotic blog faire-ca-soi-meme.fr is launching today in a project of ZigBee universal USB gateway named ZiGate. Frédéric launches his project in the form of a KickStart project. The project already financed at 30% ends on 6 August.

This project was born a little by chance trying to hack the temperature sensor of the kit Xiaomi Mi Home presented recently. The ZiGate gateway will be able to communicate in the ZHA protocols (ZigBee Home Automation) and ZLL, which opens the door of many home automation equipment on the market:

  • Products Xiaomi Mi Home ZigBee (ZHA 1.2)
  • IKEA (Smart Lighting for example)
  • Pluzzy products (ZHA 1.1 unsecure)
  • Philips Hue range (ZLL)
  • Osram lightify (ZLL)
  • Innr Bulb range (ZLL)

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For those who are anxious to keep their personal data warm at home, this is a very interesting project. Indeed, by communicating directly with the domotic objects, one should be able to emancipate from the gateway. Xiaomi sensors and controls can be used without sending our data to the company’s Chinese servers.

The first deliveries should start in October 2017. ZiGate is available in the form of 3 kits. The ZigBee USB-TTL module (40 €) will easily include items in Jeedom or Domoticz. The USB-WiFi model (50 €) will communicate with HTTP-compatible servers or closed boxes (it is also possible to use ser2net to do this). Finally, it is possible to buy a bundle (60 €) including both modules, a box and a 2.4GHz stick antenna. To purchase your kit, go to the KickStarter page. Until October, good luck to the project!

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