XOD, a new visual programming language for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other development boards

xod demo garden soil moisture monitoring
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Table of Contents

XOD is a new visual programming language project by assembling function blocks. XOD is more modern and simpler than the Scratch project on Raspberry Pi. XOD is still in the development stage. It will be offered as open source software. The source code will be available on GitHub from the day of its release. At launch XOD will be able to manage the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi as well as the Arduino. The development team hopes to create enough enthusiasm among Makers and developers to quickly add other platforms. Hopefully we can quickly develop for Espressif ESP8266 and ESP32 platforms.

Creating a project is similar to Labview’s National Instrument or Node-RED from IBM. Blocks are placed on a board. Each block has inputs / outputs. The blocks are then connected to each other by wires which transmit the data, the commands or the states. At the moment, there are no details about the management of the blocks themselves. As with Node-RED, it is very likely that it will be possible to modify the parameters and can be added some code via a configuration page. The team published a small example in the form of animated GIF images. You can see how to make a small automatic watering system using a humidity sensor and an aquarium pump.

xod demo garden soil moisture monitoring

No information regarding a possible mobile app similar to Blynk. For now, it will be necessary to use an instant messaging software such as Telegram to communicate with an XOD project.

Credit : XOD

An internet page was opened to show the key points of the project. While waiting for the release announced in a couple of days, you can now register by email to be notified of the release of XOD on the project page here.

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