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Xiaomi Aqara now compatible with Apple Homekit, new Vibration Sensor and Honeywell Natural Gas Detector

xiaomi gateway aqara homekit compatible 2018

The Aqara products becomes officially compatible with Apple’s Homekit home automation solution. Two new sensors come to enlarge the Xiaomi Aqara family. First of all the Vibration Sensor which allows to protect valuables by detecting a displacement. It can also be used to detect the opening of a door or drawer more easily than with the magnetic contactor. The Honeywell family dedicated to safety is also expanding with the addition of a sensor dedicated to the detection of natural gas.

For the moment, all these new products are not yet supported by the Zigbee2mqtt project whose official list is here.

The new Xiaomi Aqara official bridge compatible Homekit

The new Aqara accessories bridge adds compatibility with the Apple HomeKit home automation solution and the Home app for iOS and soon macOS. If you already have a Xiaomi gateway, you will unfortunately have to buy a new one. I updated mine to version 1.4.1_157.0143 without success. Aqara accessories remain desperately invisible to HomeKit. This is really a pity especially since nothing else has changed as you can see in this picture. So be careful when buying your bridge. As usual, the labels look more like a keyword stuffing …

The gateway now seems to speak languages other than Chinese (or at least it speaks English now) as shown in this video demonstration by mac4ever. In this video presentation, the bridge is very clearly expressed in English.

In the meantime, if you do not like being stuck on a bridge, you can turn to the Zigbee2mqtt project that allows you to hack Zigbee communication and do without the official gateway. Combined with the Homekit plugin under Node-RED, it is (really) very easy to make compatible all home accessories Aqara and Mijia with Homekit.

Sign that the Aqara home automation products will soon be officially available out of China, the gateway now has most certifications including CE and FCC.

Aqara Wireless Switch, connected button with integrated gyroscope

Xiaomi added a gyroscope to her connected button. His gives a hybrid solution to the path of the Magic Cube. The Wireless Switch recognizes 4 different actions. Click, double click, click long and react when shaking.

Technical specifications

Xiaomi Aqara Vibration Sensor, opening or motion detector to protect valuables

Until now, it was necessary to be satisfied with the Aqara door or window magnetic switch to detect the opening of other opening. For example, a drawer, the door of the fridge, the freezer, a safe, the door of a cabinet or wine cellar. Problems with metal surfaces or in the presence of a magnet could make it more difficult to install the sensor. The new sensor Xiaomi Aqara Vibration Sensor corrects the problem by using an accelerometer that can detect vibrations and deduce an opening or displacement. The sensor operates using a 3V CR2032 lithium battery. The lifetime announced by Xiaomi is 2 years. Of course, the life will depend on the object protected or monitored by the sensor. A table of great value moves a little less than the fridge door 🙂

The sensor is not yet supported by the project Zigbee2mqtt but given the speed with which the list expands, it should not delay.

Technical specifications

Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Gas Alarm

The Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Gas Alarm completes the family of home security sensors. We already knew the smoke detector, it is able to detect the presence of natural gas (methane) in the atmosphere. It can for example be installed in a kitchen equipped with a stove or a boiler fueled by natural gas. The official documentation is here

Be careful, just like the Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell smoke detector, this detector is not CE and FCC certified. It is reserved for the Chinese domestic market. It is possible to buy and use it outside China only if it complements a certified sensor that already equips your home. Attention, this sensor detects only the presence of methane in the air. It does not work with other gases (propane, butane ..)

Like other new Xiaomi, it will still wait a little for support by Zigbee2mqtt.

Technical specifications

Aqara home automation accessories right now

If you need Aqara home automation equipment, it’s time to equip yourself. The vast majority of accessories are on sale at the moment.

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