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Wemos LoLin32 new development board ESP32 at €6,45 with 4MB of memory and LiPo battery connector

Wemos, the Chinese manufacturer developing and marketing the Wemos d1 mini and its shields has just launched the LoLin32, its first board based on the Espressif ESP32. The LoLin32 features an ESP-wroom-32 module, 4MB flash memory, a micro USB connector for programming and a LiPo battery connector.

wemos lolin32 esp-wroom-32 espressif top view

Credit: Wemos CC

Specifications of the Wemos LoLin32

The Wemos LoLin32 is a more traditional development board than the Wemos d1 mini. With the LoLin32, Wemos abandons (for now?) His concept of shields to stack. The Shields of the d1 mini are not compatible. It returns to a format of development board for more traditional connected objects. Compared to the competition, the LoLin32 stands out however slightly by proposing a connector for LiPo battery. There is still no technical information but it seems possible to charge the battery from the micro USB port. The connector is not specified but it looks identical to that of the shield battery (presentation), connector JST XH2-2.54mm. The dedicated page of the Wiki is under construction.

A very important point, the LoLin32 is narrower than the competing boards. It leaves free a row of connector on each side on the breadboard

The Wemos LiLo32 is available now on the official Wemos shop for €6.45 + shipping (€8.10 in my case).

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