Wemos LoLin32 Lite, more compact revision of the LoLin32 to $4.90

lolin32 lite wemos
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Wemos proposes a new version Lite of the LoLin32 based on a module ESP-WROOM-32 corrected. This new module identified ESP32-DOWD6Q 28017 (Rev 1) brings some bug fixes from Espressif SoC. This SoC is always equipped with 4MB of flash memory and brings 801.11 b/g/n WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth LE for your DIY projects based on microcontrollers.

Lolin32 Lite ESP32 DOWD6Q 28017

To become Lite, the LoLin32 has to lose a few pins. The RX / TX and 5V pins are no longer present on the board. There is only one GND pin (instead of 5) and only one 3V3 pin (instead of 2). All I / O pins are available (x21 in total) which will allow you to exploit all the possibilities offered by the ESP32. The JST connector used to power the LoLin32 Lite using a LiPo battery is always present. It is now oriented in the extension of the board to the left of the micro-USB connector. The micro-USB port is always present. It is used for programming (code Arduino, Lua or micro-python) as well as for the charge of the battery. The LoLin32 Lite status LED is always present. The Reset button has moved between the two micro-USB and LiPo battery connectors.

Wemos LoLin32 classic Wemos LoLin32 Lite
wemos lolin32 esp wroom 32 espressif lolin32 lite rev1 esp wroom 32 top

Pin Evolutions Between the LoLin232 and the Lite

Here is a comparative table that summarizes the changes made.

Pin LoLin32 Lite version
3V3 x2 x1
5V x1
GND x5 x1

34, 35, 32, 33, 25, 26, 27, 14, 12, 22, 19, 23, 18, 5, 17, 16, 4, 0, 2, 15, 13

x21 x21

All features of the LoLin32 Lite

  • SoC: Espressive ESP32-DOWD6Q Rev 1.0. Tensilica Xtensa LX6 dual core processor
  • Connectivity
    • WiFi 802.11 b / g / n
    • Bluetooth LE
  • I/O via
    • Connector 2×13-pin for UART, I2C, SPI, VP / VN, DAC …
    • All pins operate with 3.3V
    • Compatible Breadboard
  • 1x micro USB port for power, LiPo battery charging, programming and debug
  • USB / serial converter: CH340G (drivers for macOS and Windows on WiKi)
  • 1x Reset Button
  • Power: 5V via the micro USB connector or LiPo battery (max. Charging current: 500mA)
  • Dimensions and weight: not indicated (approx 40 x 25mm)

The board is still as narrow as her sister. A connector row is available on each side when installed on a breadboard.

wemos lolin32 lite breadboard

The board comes with the mircopython firmware but you can run Arduino or Lua code as with all ESP32 or ESP8266 development boards. It is available for sale on the AliExpress shop of Wemos at the price of $4.90 + $1.40 of shipping costs (in my case).

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  1. can we program it with Arduino iDE in C like the Lolin32?

  2. I already programmed a Lolin32 “classic”, but not the new light version, this is why I am asking

  3. Can you write code to tell if the battery is being charged? I need to know when the module is connected to USB power, when USB power is present AND the battery is charging, and also when it is just running off battery. Can the battery voltage be measured in software?

  4. I had to reflash it and used generic esp32 firmware, but is there a specific firmware around for this board ?

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