#Test: unpacking the Panoramic Camera Xiaomi Mijia 1080p 360 °

xiaomi mijia camera panoramic 360 ip cam
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Today I propose you to discover the camera connected panoramic Xiaomi Mijia 1080p capable of filming 360 degrees. Only available in China at the moment, it is however possible to obtain it directly in China for about €80. It runs entirely from the MiHome application available on iOS and Android. The application is fully translated into English (translated correctly). The camera plugin is not yet fully translated.

Unpacking the camera Xiaomi Mijia 360 °

The camera is delivered in a pretty white box whose design reminds the products with the Apple. The manual is not translated into English but the installation is very simple since the application does not pose too much difficulty.

The camera comes with an Asian standard power adapter. It came with a China – World adapter. Otherwise, any 5V – 1A charger with USB output can do the trick.

xiaomi mijia camera panoramic 360 ip cam

Technical characteristics

The Xiaomi Mijia 360 has somewhat classic technical features

  • Model: JTSXJ01CM
  • Optics: group of 6 lenses, opening F1.8, panoramic 360 ° horizontally and
  • Protocols: DHCP, HTTP, IPv4, P2P, RTP, TCP, UDP
  • Connectivity:
    • WiFi IEEE 802.11 b / g / n
    • Bluetooth V4.0
  • Advanced Features
    • Motion Detection with Notification
    • Start a call from the mobile app
    • Make a call from the camera using the front button (above the status LED)
  • Night vision: 10 infrared LEDs
  • Mobile app: Android and iOS
  • Storage: Micro SD board up to 32GB
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (1080p)
  • Audio input: internal microphone
  • Audio output: yes, internal speaker
  • Power Supply: 5V – 1A
  • Operating Temperature: -10 ℃ to 50 ℃
  • Weight: 250 g
  • Dimensions: 118x80x80 mm / 4.65×3.15×3.15 inches

Install the MiHome application for iOS or Android

Go to the Google Play or the App Store and install the MiHome app on your smartphone. Xiaomi has not yet translated the descriptions of its applications on blinds. Do not worry, the application will automatically switch to English at the first launch.

1 xiaomi mihome ios apple store

It is necessary to have a Xiaomi account in order to use the application. A valid email account, username and password are required. If you have a gmail account, you will need to allow Xiaomi to connect to it. No personal information is requested (at the time of writing).

Install the camera from the MiHome application

Launch the MiHome application (here on iOS 10) and turn on the camera. On the main screen, click the plus (+) in the upper right corner to begin adding a device.

xiaomi mijia camera panoramic 360 - add device

Choose Add device

xiaomi mijia camera panoramic 360 - add device menu

Select the Mijia 360° camera from the list that appears

xiaomi mijia camera panoramic 360 - select camera

The led should blink yellow

xiaomi mijia camera panoramic 360 - check yellow led blinking

Select the WiFi network to which the camera should connect and enter the password.

xiaomi mijia camera panoramic 360 - set wifi parameter

Then place the QR code in front of the camera. You must hear a message (in Chinese!). If this is not the case, go back, the password is probably wrong.

xiaomi mijia camera panoramic 360 - scan qr code to check wifi connexion

The application finishes configuring the camera.

 xiaomi mijia camera panoramic 360 - configuring

Everything went well. You can assign a location (a simple label) to the camera. Here, the camera is in the office.

xiaomi mijia camera panoramic 360 - localisation

You can give him a name. In the third step allows sharing the camera with other users of the Xiaomi application.

xiaomi mijia camera panoramic 360 - device name

The configuration is complete. You can start using your camera

xiaomi mijia camera panoramic 360 - device list

Discover the main features

Once configured, you will find your camera in the list of devices. Everything goes through the Xiaomi servers. While waiting to find a local solution (hack of the firmware, hack of the frames UDP …) it is necessary to be content with the mobile application.

The image sent by the camera takes about 1/3 of the screen. In the upper right corner is the share button that does not seem to work at the moment. There is also the button to access the parameters (three points).

xiaomi mijia camera panoramic 360 - camera module

Below the live video you will find a joystick that allows you to move the camera to the right or the left and from top to bottom. The camera moves in steps of about ten degrees. As orders go online, there may be a bit of latency.

To pass the video in full screen, you have to tap the video image to show the additional options. Press the right button to switch to landscape mode.

xiaomi mijia panoramic camera 360 landscape

In landscape mode, the joystick disappears. Instead, simply move the finger from left to right or from bottom to top (or vice versa) to move the lens. The displacement is proportional to the movement of the finger on the screen. Again, the movement is done in successive steps. To zoom, use two fingers to pinch or spread.

video live mode landscape paysage

Make the camera talk in English

It is not only the application that is in Chinese, the camera is able to speak also … but in Chinese. Fortunately, there is a hack to make it speak in English (or French). Recover an SD board and format it in FAT32. Download and unzip the Nicoli project for Nicole’s hijack for cameras (Mijia 360) here. Copy the files contained in the SD folder. Unplug the camera, insert the SD board into the slot on the back of the camera (to the right of the micro USB power connector). Re-plug the camera. This hack does not erase the original firmware. In addition to having the camera speak in our language, it adds a Telnet and FTP server. To connect to the camera, it will be necessary to go through your box to recover the IP address of it. There does not seem to be the possibility of retrieving it from the mobile application.

xiaomi mijia 360 camera sd board hack

For the moment the plugin is only partially translated into English (and not at all in French). Basic use is no problem. Lack of translation is a real problem to take advantage of the advanced features. Moon detection, scenario triggering on an event … There is not yet a hack equivalent to the Fang model … which would integrate it into a home automation software such as Domoticz, Jeedom or Home Assistant. It is a shame because this camera is above all an IP camera. If a developer wants to go into the firmware adaptation, I can lend him my copy. Just make contact from the form.

To finish the presentation of the camera, here is a small preview in picture.

The panoramic camera Xiaomi Mijia 1080p costs about €80.

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    1. Hello.
      I updated the Mihome app and after that the camera is always with the yellow light on and doesn´t response.
      Any solution?

      Thanks in advance.

      • I encountered the same problem with a Xiaofang camera! It seems that Xiaomi is more demanding and limits the use of certain materials to the Chinese market. It’s a shame because many products are no longer usable in outside of China. I’m sorry but for now I have not found a hack (nor found the time to do it myself). Have a good day Joaquin

        • Don’t worry. I’ve noticed about more people with the same problem. Xiaomi should give more support to its products. Thanks.

    2. Any update on the hack? Or any other hack available for providing a RTSP video feed?

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