#Test : unpacking and configuring the Xiaomi Smart Home 6 in 1 Kit with the Mi Home app (iOS or Android)

xiaomi smart home kit motion temperature switch door windows plug gateway button
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Table of Contents

The Xiaomi Smart Home kit is a widely used DIY home automation system. Xiaomi designs high-quality home automation products at a very reasonable price. In the next tutorials, we will see how to integrate the connected Xiaomi devices on a home automation server (Home Assistant, Domoticz and Jeedom). Whatever your home automation server, it is necessary to configure the devices from the Mi Home application on iOS or Android.

Unpacking the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit

The Xiaomo Smart Home kit comes in a box. The kit contains a gateway which is essential to communicate the devices with the Mi Home application on smartphone or tablet. What is surprising in this kit is the size of the devices. The motion detector is a small cylinder 3cm in diameter and 32mm in height. All the devices in the kit are operated with 3V button cells, except for the controlled socket and the gateway. Xiaomi chose the Zigbee for data transmission.

The kit contains the following devices

xiaomi smart home kit motion temperature switch door windows plug gateway button


We find the kit at Gearbest for about €70 instead of €84 if we buy the devices separately. There is also a kit without connected plug at about €62.

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Warning. The Xiaomi Smart Home kit is for the Chinese market. The devices are not CE or FC certified. The use of Xiaomi devices in your home is your responsibility.

Connecting and configuring the Gateway

The first step is to configure the Gateway. This kit is intended for the Chinese market, so you will need an adapter compatible with your electrical outlets. Plug the gateway into a power outlet. It must be able to connect to the WiFi network (and the Internet).

xiaomi smart home mijia gateway plug european universal china

Go to the Google Play or the App Store and install the MiHome app on your smartphone. Xiaomi has not yet translated the descriptions of its applications on blinds. Do not worry, the application will automatically switch to English at the first launch.

1 xiaomi mihome ios apple store

It is necessary to have a Xiaomi account in order to use the application. A valid email account, username and password are required. If you have a gmail account, you will need to allow Xiaomi to connect to it. No personal information is requested (at the time of writing).

xiaomi mijia camera panoramic 360 - add device

Choose Add Device

xiaomi mijia camera panoramic 360 - add device menu

Then select the Gateway in the list

2 add ajout gateway

Check that the light ring is flashing yellow. Check Yellow, light blinking then press Next

3 xiaomi gateway anneau clignote ring blink

In the first configuration (or after a Reset of the settings), it is likely that you will be forced to connect in Compatibility Mode.

 first start premier demarrage connexion gateway

To do this, go to the network settings and choose this network from the list. The network name starts with lumi-gateway-XXXX.

select poit to point network

Return to the application. Enter the password for your WiFi network.

xiaomi gateway compatibility mode lumi-gateway access point

The Gateway connects to the local network.

Stay close to the gateway (within WiFi range) during setup.

 xiaomi gateway configuration

You will probably get an error message. Here are some solutions depending on the color and the flashing mode of the LED:

  1. The ring is lit in blue (Blue light on)
    • The gateway is connected to WiFi. Verify that your router is properly connected to the internet.
  2. The ring flashes blue (Blue light blinking)
    • The gateway is not connected to the WiFi network. Make a reset of WiFi and Gateway
  3. The ring flashes yellow (Yellow light blinking)
    • Unable to establish communication with the gateway. There are disturbances on the WiFi network. Try to move the gateway away from other devices.
  4. The ring blinks yellow 3 times and pauses for a second (Yellow light blinks 3 times and pauses once
    • Disconnect the gateway for a few seconds and repeat the gateway addition by selecting the regular mode

xiaomi gateway connection error

Most of the time, you should get the 4th location (functional WiFi connection and smartphone near the gateway).

 xiaomi gateway configuration success

If the problem persists (the ring flashes purple), unplug and then re-connect the gateway. Press and hold the reset button on the edge of the Gateway for 3 seconds. The ring should flash again in yellow.

Reset gateway

If for some reason you need to reset your Gateway, here are a few helpful tips:

  • You can do a reset directly from the application. Only the network settings are initialized. Once re-configured, you will find all your devices.
  • Use the Reset button on the gateway if you encounter configuration problems. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to unplug the gateway for about ten seconds.

Replacing batteries

Each device operates with a 3V coin cell. Xiaomi sought autonomy and compactness. There are therefore 3 different battery references. Here is a small table that explains how to replace the battery for each device. The battery compartment has been designed to be opened once the sensor has been attached (except for the temperature sensor). The opening is quite difficult for some sensors (connected button in particular). In use, it will probably be necessary to replace the self-adhesive stock.

You will notice the absence of a conventional self-protection system in the alarm systems on the motion detector and the detector Door opening. This kit is not suitable for the realization of a DIY alarm system.

DeviceBatteryHow to openBattery compartment
Motion detection

Turn anti-clockwise the cap which is the base of the detector

CR2450xiaomi motion detecor cr2450 3v battery holderxiaomi motion detector cr2450 3v battery holder
Door or window opening detector

Use a flat-bladed screwdriver to lever it into the slot at the end

CR1632xiaomi door windows switch cr1632 3v battery holderxiaomi door windows switch cr1632 3v battery holder
Temperature and humidity sensorCR2032xiaomi temperature seonsor cr2032 3v battery holder xiaomi temperature sensor cr2032 3v battery holder
Connected buttonCR2032xiaomi connected button cr2032 3v battery holderxioami connected button cr2032 3v battery holder

Add a connected devices

Once the gateway is configured, adding devices is very simple. Like the Gateway, touch the plus (+) in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose your device from the list. The gateway waits for the device to be in association mode.

xiaomi mijia camera panoramic 360 - select camera

To put an object in association mode, there is either a button (temperature sensor) or a small switch accessible by means of a paper clip. Hold the button for 3 seconds. The blue LED blinks to indicate that the association mode is active. The gateway completes the addition of the object in a few seconds.

xiaomi motion detection presence association pairing

A screen is displayed that lets you assign a label to locate the device, assign an icon (if available), and create actions (automation). You can create small scenarios.

xiaomi motion pairing success

So, the installation is really very simple and fast. As you can see, there are still many Chinese on the interface.

xiaomi smart home kit devices

Although this kit is for the Chinese market, many devices can be integrated into your home automation system. All devices are connected to your smartphone or tablet (even outside your home) thanks to the Xiaomi cloud. The advantage of this kit makes sense by integrating the devices into a home automation server. Indeed, the main software now offer support for Xiaomi devices (Jeedom, Domoticz, Home Assistant …). We’ll see how to integrate it into Home Assistant in the next tutorial.

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  1. Body sensor works only if you go pass it by not more than 30cm… smart socket can’t be found by Switch… anyway, waste of money.

    • My body sensor detects with 2.5 m and switch is connected even through a brick wall. For me, great value for money.

  2. For the latest version of the app, make sure you choose China Mainland as server location otherwise you won’t be able to find all devices! Very weird….

  3. Nice post! I have having trouble with the 4th error where the light blinks 3 times and a pause and repeats. I tried plugging into another power point closest to the wifi router still no luck. Router is 2.4GHz (supported). What else can I try?

    • I found a solution after struggling with the same issue for months. You have to go into the settings for your wifi router, which usually can be accessed from your computer’s browser by typing in the address bar (if you have a username and password set up for it). Once you’re in, you need to add another DNS server IP address (there should be one listed and spaces for additional IP addresses). just add another IP address in the next available space and use the IP address Save these settings and try the gateway again. This 100% worked for me, but it doesn’t seem to work for everyone it seems.

  4. Hi, I’m struggling to find a way to do a particular, easy automation. I’ve installed the Gateway and the door/window sensor and have created an automation where, when the front door opens, the light on the gateway will turn on, and then turn off when the door closes again. However, I can’t see how I’m able to specify a particular colour for the gateway light. Any way you know of doing this? It should be super simple, but I can’t see how.

  5. Today I received my Xiaomi Gateway and I’m trying to set it up – but I’m stuck. At the point where it ask’s me to switch to the “lumi-gateway_xxx” (like in your picture: https://projetsdiy.fr/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/5-select-poit-to-point-network.png). My Gateway doesn’t show me any lumi-gateway-Wifi, only the Wifi for setting up a new device. I tried that way, but it doesnt work.

    I did reset (long press button for ~10sec) the Gateway several times.

    Any idea?

    • Hi Bors. You have to go into the WiFi settings of your phone and connect directly to the gateway. Then the app will configure the gateway to connect to your wifi network. Tell me if you have any problems. See you soon

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