Test of the mini 9.5” studio photo foldable light box with LED lighting and black or white backdrop

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Taking pictures of montages or objects printed in 3D and then sharing them on social networks or on your blog is never easy. Either the environment is not right or the lighting is not good. So I took advantage of sales 11.11 to order on AliExpress a mini studio photo 23x23x24cm (9.5”) with LED lighting. It is a very economical small kit equipped with a LED bar for lighting and two interchangeable backdrops (black or white). It is currently in promo for $8.8 (free shipping) instead of $12.4.

Unpacking and assembly the 9.5” foldable Mini Photo Studio

I received the mini photo studio in a simple envelope. Ordered on November 11, it was in 11 days all round, weird, weird! The kit contains the folded light box (made of acrylic sheet), two backgrounds (white and black) and a USB to micro-USB cable.

kit studio photo

The bar of 20 LEDs is already fixed on the front of the box. The kit is delivered without AC adapter. A simple charger 5V/2A for smartphone will do the trick.

studio photo barre led eclairage

The assembly does not pose any particular problem. You have to start with the two triangular sides. Then the studio unfolds itself.

ouverture cotes

The manufacturer has made this small explanatory note.

etapes montage mini photo studio portable

The sides hold together using a clever system of magnets. The strength of the magnets is just enough to keep the sides of the studio in place but do not expect to take pictures outdoors when there is wind! The sides are composed of 3 triangles. To assemble the sides, simply slide the central triangle (without magnet) between the other two sheets.

studio photo assemble

When unpacking, I first thought of a defect in seeing this magnet off and poorly positioned, but in fact I inherited an additional magnet. He will certainly miss the next customer!

defaut aimant mal colle

Installing the backdrop

The kit comes with two sheets that are attached with two notches on the top of the bottom. The foam is of good quality but be careful to take care of it because in use it may tear.

studio photo fond noir

Verdict: photo essay with the 3D printed case of the NoIR RPiZero security camera

Here are two pictures (on a white background and black background) taken with an iPhone 6S. As you can see on this first shot, there are two “holes” on the sides. It will therefore be tricky to get a good shot. We can for example try to hide the hole by changing the point of view or take a picture from the front and resize (what I did here).

studio photo exemple camera securite raspberry pi zero boitier impression defauts 3d

The lighting is a little too white (4000K I guess) for my taste. With an iPhone, the white background is slightly bluish. It will play with the filters later to make the white a little whiter 🙂

studio photo camera securite raspberry pi zero boitier impression 3d fond noirstudio photo camera securite raspberry pi zero boitier impression 3d fond blanc

Examples on black and white background. Re-cut images. Raw image without any filter. Cliché made in a bright room.

To get a better result, it is best to place yourself in a room with low light or even better in the dark. The white background is still bluish but applying the intense filter, the picture becomes very correct.

photo studio noir boitier 3d camera rpizero fond bleutéphoto studio filtree

Cliché taken in the dark. Image resized and filtered with the iOS11 photo app on an iPhone 6S. Specular filter, Exposure (+0.59), Highlights (-0.31), Shadows (0.42), Saturation (+0.55)

Here, now, it remains only to make a small rotary table to be able to make 360 ° shots. Why not with a Raspberry Pi. Currently, we find this small collapsible studio photo sold at € 7.60 (with the free shipping) instead of € 10.70. If you have a larger budget, you can find models that can reach a volume of 60x60x60cm. Some models have a hole on the upper side to take shots from above.

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