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ESP8266 (Web Server – Part 2): Interaction between Arduino code and HTML interface

Here is the second part of the tutorials devoted to the creation of an HTML interface stored in the SPIFFS zone of an ESP8266 functioning ...

ESP8266 (Web Server – Part 1): Store the web interface in the SPIFFS area (HTML, CSS, JS)

We continue our series of articles on programming the Web Server part of the ESP8266 modules. In the previous articles, we saw how to set up the ...

Pug (Jade): prepare HTML interfaces on Raspberry Pi with Geany

Pug is a language to simplify the writing of HTML pages (official page of the project). Web technologies are currently in fashion. Yesterday confined to the ...

Geany: a text editor to develop on Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi (ARM)

Geany is a small development-oriented text editor that is available on all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and ARM microprocessors that equip mini-PCs ...

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