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Sonoff Basic ZBR3 compatible with Amazon Echo connected speakers

echo plus 2nd generation with amazon smart plug charcoal

The Sonoff ZBR3 home automation module can control a 220V relay (up to 10A) via the Zig.Bee protocol. The relay can be controlled from the official Itead eWeLink application. This application allows you to connect the DIY home automation module to an Amazon connected speaker. 4 models are

Amazon Echo compatible with the Sonoff Basic ZBR3 module

The Sonoff Basic ZBR3 home automation module is compatible with several models of Amazon connected speakers. You can control lighting or any electrical device (fan, heating, air conditioning, appliances, etc.) by voice using Alexa.

The ZBR3 is not compatible with Amazon Dot connected speakers of any generation.

SmartThings Hub

A priori, there is no restriction on compatibility with Samsung SmartThings hubs

The ZBR3 is not compatible with the Google Home. The module does not have WiFi connectivity, if you do not have a connected speaker, a SmartThings Hub or a Zigbee2MQTT bridge, you will need a bridge to control your devices from an iOS or Android smartphone

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