Soma Smart Shades, Wazombi Labs Solar Connected Curtain Motorization

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Smart Shades by Wazombi Labs is a small box that allows motorizing a window blind. Wazombin Labs is a small Estonian service company. It specializes in circuit design, embedded software, development of mobile applications (iOS and Android) and design of interfaces (and animations). Wazombin being its catalog of skills by launching its own line of connected products.

SOMA Smart Shades is a small box that allows to simply motorize the blinds of your home. The housing is fed by means of a solar panel which is fixed to the window by means of suction cups. The application available for iOS (8+) and Android (4.3+) allows to control the opening and closing of blinds in Bluetooth up to 40m approximately. The case has a LiPo battery of 1400mAh ensuring 50 cycles of opening / closing without recharging. The motor supports blinds up to 2m wide and 2m high.

The Soma Connect home automation gateway to connect the devices of the manufacturer compatible Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit is in pre-order (shipping from 20 June 2017). It will enable you to control the opening of your blinds from your smartphone even outside your home, or with the voice.

soma connect blinds alexa homekit

Technical characteristics

  • Dimensions of blinds – 2 (width) x 2 (height) m (7 x 7 feet)
  • Communication bluetooth – 40m range (theoretical)
  • Apps iOS (8 or higher) and Android (4.3 or higher)
  • Battery – 1400mAh allowing 50 cycles without recharging
  • Installation: by double-sided screws or scotch
  • Dimensions – 255 x 75mm (2×3 inch)

More information

Smart Shades is available for $ 99 at the Soma Smart Home online store. Payment is only made by PayPal. To find out about the Wazombi development team, please visit the official website.

A big thank you to Migui Pda for the info

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