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#Guide: Which ESP32 development board to choose to develop DIY connected objects

After the success of the Wi-Fi ESP8266 modules, Espressif has not stopped in such a good way and today offers us its successor the ESP32. The first development ...

#Guide: which camera to choose for the Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi Zero W

All models of Raspberry Pi (including Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi Zero W) have a CSI connector for connecting a digital camera. The foundation markets a ...

#Guide: list of components to build an home automation RFLink 433MHz gateway (RFXCom clone)

Here is a list of components needed to build a RFLink smart home automation gateway. The RFLink Open Source project makes it possible to make a clone of the ...

#Guide: hardware needed to make a 100% DIY Raspberry Pi 3 home automation box

Here is a mini guide as well as a selection of hardware to get you started in the manufacture of a 100% DIY Raspberry Pi 3 home box: what model of Raspberry Pi ...

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#Guide: What to do with the Raspberry Pi 3

The Raspberry Pi 3 is a mini PC with low power consumption equipped with a connector of inputs / outputs (GPIO of 40 pins) which will allow you to realize many ...

#Guide: recycle an old PC to make it a Linux home automation server, Arduino / ESP8266 development station

Recycling an old Windows PC is a great solution for hosting a home automation server, creating a Linux development environment for ...

#Guide: which Orange Pi model to choose. Comparison of low-cost mini-PCs with Raspberry Pi 3

Orange Pi is a low-cost of the Raspberry Pi competitor. It is developed by the Chinese Shenzhen Xunlong CO Software company based in Shenzhen in the Guangdong ...

#Guide, how to increase the range of nRF24L01 radio modules of MySensors v2 projects (hardware, configuration)

Simple appearance on paper (the screen!), the realization of an object connected with nRF24L01 radio module can quickly be complicated to the point if we want ...

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