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Scratch 2 and Thonny Python for Raspberry Pi (Raspbian 2017-06-21) • DIY Projects
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Scratch 2 and Thonny Python for Raspberry Pi (Raspbian 2017-06-21)

The new version of Raspbian (2017-06-21), which now includes Scratch 2 and the Thonny Python code editor, is available for download and upgrade from the Terminal using the dist-upgrade command. This new version is based on the kernel 4.9 of Linux announced last December). It also contains a new set of icons, updating Flash player and RealVNC (an equivalent to TightVNC presented earlier).

How to update Raspbian

Before updating your system, first make a backup copy of your SD board. Follow this tutorial that explains how to do it step by step. Execute this command to update the system

sudo apt-get update

Before you upgrade to the new version

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Be patient, the operation can last several ten minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.

At the end of the operation, you can save a little space on the SD board and clean the apt command cache

sudo apt-get clean

How to install Raspbian Jessie on a new SD board

If you prefer to install a brand new Raspbian, start by visiting the foundation’s website to download the image of the system. Choose the Desktop version (which integrates the Pixel graphic desktop). Do not decompress the ZIP file.

Download and install the resin.io Etcher software that is right for your operating system (macOS, Windows, Linux) here. Insert the minimum 8GB SD board (preferably class 10) into the drive. Start Etcher. Press Select image and enter the path to the ZIP file you just downloaded. The SD board is automatically selected by Etcher. If this is not the case, specify the path by clicking Select Drive. Start installing the files on the SD board by pressing Flash! At the end of the installation, the board is automatically ejected from the player.

Insert the board into the drive and turn on the Raspberry Pi. At the end of startup, go to the upper right corner of the screen to activate the WiFi. Once activated, select the network to connect to and enter the password in the dialog box that appears. Your Raspberry Pi is ready and connected to the internet! It’s much simpler than Windows!

The bluetooth is now supported natively. There is nothing more to install. Bluetooth is enabled by default. From the control panel, you can change the system language (requires a restart), the layout of the keyboard.

Use this to change the default password, especially if you enable the SSH port that allows you to remotely connect to the Raspberry Pi (see this tutorial for more information). Since the discovery of the Linux-muldrop.14 trojan that uses the SSH port and the default password to propagate to all RPIs on the local network, Raspbian displays an alert message after the SSH port is activated.

Scratch 2 on Raspberry Pi

Scratch 2 is now installed by default next to Scratch 1.4 on the Raspbian distribution. It allows you to enjoy all the features of the application. Until now, we had to go through the website. Now, no need for an internet connection, everything is done directly on the Raspberry Pi. Like version 1.4, it is possible to communicate with the sensors and actuators connected to the RPI GPIO. This article on the foundation’s blog features some features. We will return to this in more detail in a future article.

Source: Raspberry Pi foundation

Thonny Python Code Editor

For fans of the Python language, the Thonny Python code editor is now integrated by default with the distribution. This publisher was developed by the University of Tartu in Estonia. This code editor is also available for Windows , macOS et Linux

Here is a short presentation video of Thonny Python editor

And now, all you have to do is enjoy yourself with all that!

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