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Ayo Jayo asked 1 month ago

Hello. I recently received a 433MHz receiver board (I guess is what it would be properly called) from Nodo-shop, and have connected it to an Arduino Mega. I then went to the RFLink blog page and downloaded the most recent file. Once I extracted all the files from the Zipped folder, I opened RFLink Loader, selected the file for RFLink, and uploaded the file to the Arduino. I was able to turn the Serial Port Logging [On] but don’t believe I have a way to test that it is picking anything up.I am trying to connect the Arduino to my rPi that is running Home Assistant. The Arduino is so I can pick up the 433MHz signals from my two Thermometers I have in my garden. I\’m just not sure what my next step is to connect the Arduino to the RPi with HA and get it to read the thermometers.Thank you!!

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