Confused about the D0 Pin requirement

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Richie B asked 3 weeks ago

Hi thanks for this article. I am struggling to understand why you have d0 permanently connected to rst.

I recently built a mailbox notification system with a d1 mini. It seem sleeps itself through code and then wakes up when reset goes to round. I did not have to put d0 to rst. I am able to upload code via usb and over the air.

Can you help me understand this?

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christophe Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hello Richie.
You only need to permanently connect RST to D0 to activate deep sleep mode on ESP8266. All is explained in this tutorial. You need to disconnect RST and D0 every time you need to upload new sketch or access HTML interface (if you create one of course).
This is no longer necessary with the ESP32. It is possible to manage standby (and wake it up) completely by programming
I hope to have answered your question

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