#Deal: Ultra compact development board (mini board) for ESP32 module (to be purchased separately)

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Last updated on 9 February 2019 2 h 03 min

This very compact ESP32 development board has a connector for receiving an ESP-WROOM-32 module purchased separately. All I/O of the ESP32 microcontroller are available. The module is programmable from the Arduino IDE like all other ESP32 development boards using the micro-USB port.

The ESP32 module is held on the developer plate by a system of elastic copper tabs. The module is held in place during the development phase. If your project does not subject the module to vibration or shock, it should not be necessary to solder the module on the test board.

Warning. The ESP-WROOM-32 module must be purchased separately.

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ESP32 test board, small batch burn fixture, for Le Xin ESP-WROOM-32 module!!

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