#Deal: Sonoff 4CH PRO, 4x smart switch relays with WiFi and radio 433MHz

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Last updated on 8 February 2019 2 h 05 min

The SONOFF 4CH Pro is a case that allows to control up to 4 relays in WiFi and radio waves (433MHz). It can be installed in a control cabinet using a DIN rail adapter. The Sonoff 4CH Pro is built around an Espressif ESP8285 WiFi module, well known in DIY home automation.

Itead, the manufacturer of the Sonoff products, left the door open to do-it-yourselfers by placing on the PCB the location to weld a serial connector. Compared to his younger brother, the Sonoff 4CH, the Pro also has a 433MHz receiver. It is possible to control the relays from a remote control (the procedure is explained in paragraph 4 here) and probably from a home automation server using the RFLink gateway (to be tested …).

Using the EWeLink application is required to use Sonoff 4CH Pro from an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap, Google Home drive the Google Nest.

Each relay can power a device in 220V / 10A (max. 2200W). Be careful not to exceed 16A on the total of 4 relays, which is more than enough for most home automation applications.


Several operating modes are available, which can be selected with the help of a DIP switch S6 (Work mode switch). To access the various selectors, the housing must be opened.

Differences between SONOFF 4CH and 4CH Pro

Here is a comparison table of the main features of SONOFF 4CH and 4CH Pro.

4CH 4CH Pro
Module WiFi ESP8285 ESP8285 + STM32
Récepteur radio 433MHz Oui
Relais 230V/16A 4 4 relais isolés
Alimentation 5VDC Oui
Alimentation 90-250V Oui Oui
Fiche technique Wiki Itead Wiki Itead

3 operating mode

The SONOFF 4CH Pro offers 3 modes of operation.

  • Interlock mode: Only one relay can be activated at a time. For example, if R1 is activated, when R2 is activated (manually u from the app), R1 is deactivated and R2 is activated. This is the default mode for unpacking.

Sonoff 4CH pro interlock mode

Provided by: Itead

  • Self-locking mode: Each relay can be switched on and off independently.


Provided by: Itead

  • Inching mode: Each relay is activated for a duration set by the K6 (delay) selector when activated from the appliance, the control knob or a 433MHz remote control. It is very useful to control the opening of a gate or the electric trigger of a gate.

Sonoff 4CH Inching mode

Provided by: Itead

For more details on the start-up of Sonoff 4CH, here are some articles

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