#Deal: Shield OLED 64×48 pixels for WeMos d1 mini (SSD1306)

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Last updated on 10 February 2019 2 h 11 min

The Shield OLED adds a 64×48 pixel monochrome miniature display for your WeMos d1 Mini connected object projects. Find the unpacking and the Shield test on the blog here. Based on the SSD1306 microcontroller, this small screen can be programmed by slightly modifying the Adafruit Adafruit_SSD1306 library (as explained in the article). It is also supported by the ESP Easy firmware. You can easily build your own temperature probes, weather station, remote display for a Jeedom home server or Domoticz for example.

Version 2.0 adds two customizable buttons on the side of the Shield. It can be used to move through a menu, scroll through pages, confirm or cancel a question … By default, button A is connected to pin D3, button B to pin D4. It is possible to solder a jumper to change the address of the buttons (D5, D6 or D7).

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Specification: #Deal: Shield OLED 64×48 pixels for WeMos d1 mini (SSD1306)