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#Deal : Sets of Capacitors (47μF to 2200μF)

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Last updated on 17 August 2019 3 h 03 min

Sets of capacitors. Typical values ranging from 47μF to 2200μF. Choose the package containing the values needed for your projects. In general, the sets are made up of 12 to 25 values.

Example of assortment of 25 values: 16V/47μF, 16V/100μF, 16V/220μF, 16V/470μF, 16V/1000μF, 25V/10μF, 25V/47μF, 25V/100μF, 25V/220μF, 25V/330μF, 25V/470μF, 25V/1000μF, 25V/2200μF, 50V/1μF, 50V/3.3μF, 50V/4.7μF, 50V/6.8μF, 50V/10μF, 50V/33μF, 50V/47μF, 50V/100μF, 50V/220μF, 50V/330μF, 50V/470μF, 50V/1000μF.

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Specification: #Deal : Sets of Capacitors (47μF to 2200μF)

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