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#Deal: nRF24L01+PA+LNA (1000m) 2.4GHz radio module for Arduino MySensors DIY projects

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Last updated on 8 February 2019 2 h 08 min

If the WiFi coverage is not sufficient (in a garden for example), it is possible to make connected objects that communicate with a home automation server or a radio wave application. The nRF24L01 modules operate at a frequency of 2.4GHz. The average free field range of the nRF24L01+PA+LNA modules is 1000m according to the manufacturers. A version with an antenna engraved on the more compact PCB also exists. The range is 100m in free field.

Which module nRF24L01 to choose?

antenne nrf24l01 sma 15dbiThe choice of the module will depend on several criteria which the main:

  • Brought desired:
    • Indoors, a few dozen meters
    • Mixed
    • Outdoor. The receiver (the gateway) will be inside the
  • Configuration: in a House, outdoor, mixed
    • Wall: thickness, constitution (reinforced concrete doesn’t really help), number
    • Flat terrain or relief
    • Vegetation, fence
    • Electromagnetic disturbance: transformer, pumps…
  •  Application
    • Statement of data or actuator control simple (relay…). A low data rate will be enough
    • Data Acquisition. Little data but a high frequency.

Whatever the application, the best is to install a antenna high performance (at least 6dBi) on the gateway to ensure best reception of the data. Equipped with a SMA connector, it will replace the 2dBi antenna that team usually cheap Asian modules.

Without external antenna


With 2dBi antenna


Usages Interior

Short distance

Exterior, mixed

Medium or long distance

Replace the antenna (6 dBi or more) to increase the range or difficult environment

Module type  rflink nrf24l01 nrf24l01+pa+lna antenne 2dbi

To learn more, you can read this comprehensive guide that addresses the following:

  • Transmission error message (! TSM: FAILURE)
  • Which radio module nRF24L01 to choose?
  • Which antenna to choose?
  • Regulated 3V3 power supply, easier wiring and less (without) noise
  • MySensors v2 library: impossible to present a node after an upload

Radio module nRF24L01+PA+LNA (1000m) deals

Adapter with regulated 3.3V power supply

The nRF24L01 radio modules are very sensitive to the quality of the power supply. It is advisable to use an adapter that embeds a quality regulated 3V3 power supply.

Replacement Antenna up to 15dBi


If you’re new to radio-connected objects, here are some tutorials that should help you

Specification: #Deal: nRF24L01+PA+LNA (1000m) 2.4GHz radio module for Arduino MySensors DIY projects


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