#Deal: ESP32 development board with 128×64 pixels SSD1306 OLED screen in LoLin32 format

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Last updated on 8 February 2019 2 h 06 min

This development board combines an ESP32 module (ESP-WROOM-32) with a 168×64 pixel monochrome OLED display that works with the SSD1306 microcontroller. It will be ideal to add a small display very easily to your projects of weather station, monitoring of quality of the air, level of a tank of rain water …

This generic card is recognized as a Wemos LoLin32. It is also built on its Open Source database.

Follow this tutorial to begin programming the ODD SSD1306 screens. You can also use the esp8266-oled-ssd1306 library available on GitHub. Under PlatformIO, you will find the library under number 562. The code ESP32 will be identical to Arduino code. The OLED screen can be accessed via the I2C bus at address 0x3c by default. The display is connected to ESP pins 5 (SDA) and 4 (SDC).

The ESPEasy firmware does not support ESP32 modules yet. It will be necessary to develop your project with code Arduino.

ESP-WROOM-32 Module Specifications

  • ESP32 Module: ESP-WROOM-32 from Espressif.
    • 240MHz dual core microprocessor equipped with
    • 4MB SPI flash memory. Support up to 16MB of flash memory
  • Connectivity
    • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n.
      • Security WEP, WPA/WPA2 PSK / Enterprise.
      • Integrated cryptographic chip supporting AES / SHA2 / Elliptical Curve Cryptography / RSA-4096 algorithms
      • Maximum power for data transfer: 19.5 dBm@11b, 16.5 dBm@11g, 15.5 dBm@11n
      • Sensitivity max. reception: -97 dBm
    • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • 32 Inputs / Outputs
    • 26x Digital I / O (3.3V). All outputs can be PWM
    • 18x analog inputs
    • 3x UART
    • 3x SPI
    • 2x I2S
    • 2x DAC
    • 2x I2C
  • Sleep Mode Consumption: 5 μA
  • Integrated sensors
    • Hall Effect
    • 10x inputs for capacitive touch interface

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Specification: #Deal: ESP32 development board with 128×64 pixels SSD1306 OLED screen in LoLin32 format


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