Cameras for Raspberry Pi. 5MP, 8MP, NoIR, HQ 12MP C-mount lens

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CSI cameras for Raspberry Pi. HQ 12MP C-mount camera, 8MP v2.1 or NoIR, 5MP economical. Accessories: tape, tripod, microscope holder

Cameras for Raspberry Pi. 5MP, 8MP, NoIR, HQ 12MP C-mount lens


All Raspberry Pi models are equipped with a CSI standard connector allowing you to connect an external camera in addition to a USB camera. CSI cameras are compatible with all generations of Raspberry Pi!

Comparison table of cameras for Raspberry Pi (all generation)

Cameras equipped with a CSI ribbon are compatible with all Raspberry Pi models regardless of the generation!

Here is a summary table of the main technical characteristics of the cameras available for the Raspberry Pi

Feature 5MP




8MP Night Vision

v2.1 NoIR *

5MP NoIR + IR LED HQ Camera 12,3MP
Sensor OmniVision OV5647 CMOS

Sony IMX219


Sony IMX219


Sony IMX477

Resolution (pixels) 2592 x 1944 3280 x 2464 3280 × 2464 2592 x 1944

4056 x 3040

Sensor size 1/4 ” 1/4 ” 1/4 ” 1/4 ” 1 / 2.3
Other characteristics 1/4 ″ screw tripod mount

Integrated IR filter

Pixel size 1.55 μm × 1.55 μm

Focal length 3,04mm
Field of view 73.8 °
Opening (F) 2.0
Supported video formats 1080p30, 720p60, 640x480p90 1080p30, 720p60, 640x480p90

4K / 2K @ 60 i/s, 1080p

Dimensions 25mm x 24mm x 9mm
Note No infrared filter for more sensitivity with very low lighting (be careful, this is not night vision!) Compatible model equipped with LED night lighting
Examples of uses Initiation



Scientific observations


Image analysis

Video surveillance Optical microscope

Image analysis

Machine Learning / IA


(*) No Infra-Red. The camera is not equipped with an infrared filter allowing filming in low light.

Economical 5MP cameras

Affordable 5MP cameras to get started without breaking the bank. Compatible models are usually equipped with an OmniVision OV5647 CMOS sensor  with a resolution of 5MP which provides still images of 2560 × 1920 pixels and video feeds up to 1080p30 . The quality is lower than the official camera (v2) but sufficient in most applications: image at regular time intervals (time-lapse to observe the growth of plants for example), microscope, landscape, video surveillance …

8MP v2 cameras

8MP high resolution camera allowing to shoot up to 1080p. Version 2.1 is not equipped with an infrared filter, which allows you to shoot in low light.

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8MP night vision camera without NoIR infrared filter (v2.1)

Version 2.1 Night Vision is equipped with a Sony IMX219 CMOS sensor  with a resolution of 8MP allowing to obtain still images of 3280 × 2464 pixels and a video stream up to 1080p30 . It also supports 720p60 and 640x480p90 video  streams. The Night Vision version, also called NoIR, makes it possible to obtain pictures or a video stream even with very low light. Be careful, however, this is not a night vision camera. Additional LED lighting is necessary to obtain an image at night. 

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5MP models compatible with LED lighting for the night

An economical Asian version equipped with a 5MP CMOS sensor and LED lighting allowing you to shoot at night.

Replacement Infrared LED (850nm) for CSI NoIR camera compatible Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi Zero (v1.3+). The lighting draws its power (5V) from the CSI connector of the Raspberry Pi. Choose a power supply of at least 3000mA (3A) to operate the lighting properly. A photo-resistance next to the LED automatically switches on the LED when the brightness drops (no sensitivity adjustment is available).

Attention, the LED lighting is not compatible with the official camera. Use only with compatible cameras.

12.3MP HQ C-Mount Camera for Raspberry Pi

The HQ camera is the best performing camera that currently exists for the Raspberry Pi.

4K lens for 12MP C-mount camera

A selection of high resolution 4K C-mount lenses for the HQ camera.

Please note, to fully exploit the resolution of the Sony IMX477 sensor, it is preferable to buy a 4K lens. Glass and manufacturing methods ensure image quality and the absence of optical defects. This is especially important for image analysis or machine learning applications.
[/ wpsm_box]

Other models 10MP 8mm , 12mm , 16mm , 25mm , 35mm , 50mm

Extension tube (extension tube) for C-mount lens

Extension tubes allow you to change the focal length and convert a fixed focal length lens to macro. Ideal for transforming the Raspberry Pi into a very high magnification magnifying glass and even a supplemental microscope!

HQ Camera Tripod

The HQ camera comes with a photo adapter for 1/4 ” screws (equivalent to M8) compatible with most tripods.

Aluminum support (stand) for microscope or magnifying glass

This aluminum support (stand) will allow you to make your own microscope or magnifying glass for your electronic crafts

15 pin ribbons for full length CSI cameras

The cameras come with a 10cm 15 pin ribbon. It is possible to purchase separate tape of longer length for specific assemblies or in case of deterioration.

Ribbon suitable for the narrow CSI connector of the Raspberry Pi Zero WH (v1.3)

The Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 Model W or WH CSI connector is slightly narrower. A dedicated ribbon must be purchased to be able to use CSI cameras.

Summary table of resolutions

A table to find your way between the designations in Mega Pixels and the resolution in Pixels.

MP Video equivalent Width Height Total Pixels
1MP 720p 1280 720 921,600
QVGA 960P 1280 960 1,228,800
1.3MP 1280 1024 1 310 720
2MP 1080P 1920 1080 2,073,600
2.3MP 1920 1200 2,304,000
3MP 2048 1536 3,145,728
5MP 2560 1920 4 915 200
6MP 3032 2008 6 088 256
8MP 3264 2448 7 990 272
4K 3 996 2 160 8 631 360

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Specification: Cameras for Raspberry Pi. 5MP, 8MP, NoIR, HQ 12MP C-mount lens

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