Install Jeedom on an Orange Pi Lite (or Orange Pi+ 2e) running under Armbian Jessie

jeedom orangepi lite orangepi plus 2e armbian dpkg

The Orange Pi is an economical alternative to Raspberry Pi to build a Jeedom based 100% DIY home automation server. If you do not intend to use the GPIO to drive home automation accessories, Orange Pi is a very good solution. In the previous tutorial, we saw how to install …

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ESP8266 (Web Client): Sending Data to Domoticz in TCP/IP Wireless (API/JSON) – Part 1


In this tutorial, we will use the ESP8266Client and ESP8266HTTPClient libraries to implement TCP/IP communication between and an ESP8266 NodeMCU module and the Domoticz API/JSON interface. We will use a temperature and humidity sensor DHT22 as well as a BMP180 atmospheric pressure sensor to publish real measurements on virtual sensors …

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