Geany: a text editor to develop on Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi (ARM)

geny f8 raspberry pi orange armbian raspbian compilation python

Geany is a small development-oriented text editor that is available on all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and ARM microprocessors that equip mini-PCs (Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, Cubieboard …). There are others (Leafpad, IDLE, VIM …), but I find that Geany replaces pretty well Sublime text unfortunately absent from ARM distributions. …

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Jeedom + MQTT: associate a connected object DIY with the Dashboard

With the ESP8266 modules or an Arduino, it is very easy to build your own connected objects (DIY IoT) and integrate them into a home automation server with the MQTT protocol (with Mosquitto for example). Jeedom, the home automation server entirely in French, allows you to easily integrate your connected …

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Bootstrap (Web Server ESP8266): use the Bootswatch themes

demo webserver esp8266 theme bootstrapCDN united bootswatch

Bootswatch offers free Bootstrap themes. We continue the series of articles on the programming of the Web Server part of the ESP8266. In this tutorial we will see how to customize the default theme (replace the default CSS style sheet) of the Bootstrap framework. If you take the train running, …

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