New Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ 2018 @1.4GHz, Gigabit Ethernet, Ethernet POE Daughter Card, Flash Sale at $49.99 on Gearbest

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Meanwhile the Raspberry Pi 4, the Raspberry Pi Foundation offers us a small improvement of the current Raspberry Pi 3. As usual, the numbering changes a bit. This new model takes the Model B+ designation. This new version brings some pretty nice improvements. The Pi3 now ships a Broadcom BCM2837B0 microprocessor clocked at 1.4 GHz (instead of 1.2GHz for the current B model). The Ethernet port is finally the standard Gibagit. We can finally use the Raspberry Pi as a DHCP server, NAS, ad blocker without risking too slow the home network. Bluetooth goes to standard 4.2, WiFi is now compatible with 802.11 ac. Finally, we can power the mini-PC using a daughter board to Ethernet POE (Power-over-Ethernet). The price of the board is not yet known.


Updated June 1, 2018. Gearbest is organizing a flash sale on the B + model. 100 pieces are on sale at $49.99 (€42.99) from June 1st to 12th, 2018. Expedition between June 6th and 8th, 2018.

Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+ 2018
Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+ 2018
Flash Sale. Quantity: 100 pieces
$49.99 $71,41
Flash Sale


Features of the Raspberry Pi 3 model B + 2018

Raspberry Pi 2018 wifi protectionBold changes from the current B model

  • Microprocessor: Broadcom BCM2837B0 ARMv8 Four-core Cortex A53 processor @ 1.4 GHz with VideoCore IV dual core graphics processor
  • Memory: 1GB LPDDR2
  • Storage: microSD board slot (still no support for eMMC memory)
  • Audio and video output: HDMI stereo audio and 1.4 and 4-pole composite video
  • Connectivity
    • Gigabit Ethernet (via USB 2.0 bridge to GbE Microchip LAN7515), maximum speed of 300 Mbps
    • WiFi 802.11 b / g / n / ac (protected by a metal plate)
    • Bluetooth 4.2 LE (via Cypress module CYW43455)
    • 4 USB 2.0 host ports
    • 1 micro USB port for power
  • Connectors
    • GPIO 40-pin
    • MIPI DSI for touch screen
    • MIPI CSI for camera
    • 4 pins to power POE Ethernet board
  • Power supply
    • 5V up to 2.4A via micro USB port
    • New daughterboard (to be purchased separately) for PoE Ethernet power
  • Dimensions unchanged: 85 x 56 x 17 mm

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ 2018

So the Broadcom SoC BCM2837B0 is now clocked at 1.4Ghz. This increase in power is of course accompanied by a rise in temperature. It was the strength of the Raspberry Pi who knew how to stay warm in almost all circumstances. We used to be able to overclock the CPU frequency. Today, we propose to decrease it :-).

sysbench raspberrypi3 model bplus 2018

The model B knew to stay below 70 °, the model B + should without problem reach 80 ° C. If your project requires it, you may need to add an aluminum heat sink, see a small fan.

To support the processor, the foundation recommends using a power supply of at least 2.5A. As always, it’s not counting on accessories and peripherals. If you start to connect an external hard drive, a CSI camera or an expansion board, you will have to go to 3A.

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New POE Ethernet Hat Card

There is still very little information on this new expansion board. It is available for pre-order at $20 on Element14. This is a much more reasonable price than the Pi POE board presented last September. The foundation does not have the same strike force (and the same partners) as a small specialized manufacturer. The board seems to take place on the GPIO of Raspberry Pi. Let’s hope that it will not come to condemn the latter. As you can see, the board has a small fan. It may be used to cool the power supply and the Pi at the same time.

Raspberry Pi 2018 ethernet PoE HAT e1521136899451 alimentation hat ethernet poe raspberry pi 2018


To power the Raspberry Pi via the Ethernet network, you will need a router that has a POE output. This is for example the case of the D-Link DGS 1008P or Netgear GS110TP-200EUS Prosafe.

dlink DGS 1008P routeur poe
If this is not the case, it will be necessary to “inject” the current using a splitter (or POE current injector). On the first connector, connect the Ethernet cable from the router or the internet box. At the output, the Ethernet cable powered by 48V is recovered.
TP Link TL POE150S Injecteur PoE

Cable side, nothing changes. In theory, any category of Ethernet cable can be used. However, the greater the distance, the higher the category must be. Opt for a category 6A cable at least 20 meters.

This update of the Raspberry Pi 3 fills quite a gap with the competition. We regret, however, the lack of USB 3.0 connector. It would have been a real plus to start Raspbian on a fast external hard drive in the absence of eMMC flash memory. The B + model is now available for $ 35 on Element14 and RS Components. It will be manufactured until 2023.

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