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New M5PAPER ESP32 from M5Stack. eInk IoT or home automation dashboard

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Today, November 27, 2020, the new M5PAPER from M5Stack is released. The M5PAPER is an ESP32 tablet equipped with an ePaper touch screen (ultra low consumption). The applications are numerous. Home automation dashboard, monitoring of production parameters by connecting I2C, UART or analog sensors, data acquisition and visualization …


M5PAPER, ESP32 ePaper tablet ideal for a home automation Dashboard

This is the first time that a manufacturer has offered us such a successful product in the field of connected objects.

The M5 PAPER is built on the same basis as the M5Stack Core2 launched this year as well. The technology of ePaper screens has evolved a lot in a few years. When I offered the first tutorials on ePaper screens, it took several (tens) seconds to refresh the screen … and that only with 2 colors!

Today we have a high resolution ePaper screen with several tactile gray levels!

It changes the game. To better understand the progress made, M5 Stack published a promotional video on its Tweeter account a few days ago that shows the responsiveness of the screen.

The M5 Paper is equipped with a magnetic attachment system. It will therefore suffice to conceal a metal insert in the wall to be able to fix the home automation Dashboard without any visible screws.

Source: image taken from promotional video.

Application development can be done with classic Arduino code, several examples are already available. For beginners or rapid prototyping of applications, UIFlow – Blockly’s version of M5Stack – will be perfect. We will not forget MicroPython for those who prefer this programming language to the usual C++.

Source: image taken from the promotion video. Task synchronization with Microsoft To Do

Technical specifications of the M5PAPER

M5Stack hits hard with the M5 Paper. In a box in the format of a tablet, there is a development board powered by a latest generation ESP32-D0WDQ6-V3 backed by 16 MB of flash memory which can be supplemented by 8 MB of PSRAM. User parameters can be stored in an EEPROM (FM24C02) offering 256 KB of storage even when the battery is off. A TF card reader supports microSD cards up to 16 GB.

The 4.7 ” diagonal E-ink screen offers a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels in 16 gray levels. It’s a capacitive touchscreen driven by the GT911 controller (it can’t be invented!) That supports two touch points and a variety of gesture controls. Compared to an ordinary LCD screen, E-ink screens are more pleasing to the eyes and have very low energy consumption. The display persists even when the screen is no longer powered.

The box has the three HY2.0-4P expansion ports found on all other M5Stack boxes. We can continue to take advantage of the M5Stack ecosystem and use the many expansion boards and existing sensors.

The M5 Paper has an SHT30 sensor for measuring temperature and humidity on the I2C bus.

Resources available

Many resources are available now to accelerate the development of your applications

ESP32 pin identification

E-INK screen and microSD card reader

IT8951 driver MISO DAWDLE SCK CS /
MicroSD card reader MISO DAWDLE SCK / CS

Multi-function button

ESP32 pin GPIO37 GPIO38 GPIO39
Button Law POWER Left

Peripherals connected to the I2C bus

ESP32 pin GPIO21 GPIO22 GPIO36
GT911 SDA SCL Interruption
BM8563 SDA SCL /

USB / TTL converter (serial port)

For debugging and uploading the program


HY2.0 4P ports

3 ports to connect sensors or actuators. Port A is reserved for the I2C bus. Port B is connected to the DAC / ADC converter of the ESP32. Finally, port C will allow communication with peripherals via the serial port.

Harbor ESP32 pins Protocol
PORT.A G25, G32 I2C


The M5PAPER is available today at a price of $ 69 (~ €58 – excluding shipping) only on the official store. It will be marketed by distrelec in Europe (including France, Switzerland and Belgium). No announcement of availability on the official Aliexpress store has yet been made.

With this tablet, we get out of the world of Makers where we assemble our components. Considering the budget, are you ready to fall for the new M5Paper and what use would you like to make of it?

Are you ready to fall for the new M5PAPER?
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