Johnny-Five (J5)

Johnny-Five (J5) is a Javascript library that allows to develop connected objects or to do robotics very simply. An Arduino can be used, for example, to install the Firmata firmware to drive the GPIO, to control actuators (motors, servos, Led …), to retrieve measurements (temperature, accelerometry, luminosity, proximity …). Johnny-Five (J5) is available as an npm package for Nodejs or a module for Node-RED. A few lines of code are enough to start a project.

Connecting an ESP8266 to Blynk on WiFi with Johnny-Five (Firmata WiFi)

In the previous tutorial, we discovered the Johnny-Five framework that allows to create connected objects (and more) based on Arduino, ...

IoT development based on Orange Pi, Arduino (Firmata), Nodejs, Blynk and Johnny-Five

In this tutorial, I propose to combine Nodejs/Johnny-Five with Blynk to remotely control the GPIO of the Arduino/Firmata from a smartphone ...

Start programming with Node Js and Johnny-Five: IoT and robotics based on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi

Johnny-Five is an open source Javascript library that allows the rapid and easy development of connected objects or small robotic projects ...

Orange Pi (Armbian): replace the GPIO by an Arduino/Firmata, Node-RED and Johnny-Five

In this tutorial, we will replace the GPIO of the Orange Pi by an Arduino running Firmata firmware. To drive it, we will use Node-RED with ...

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