Orange Pi

Orange Pi is a very economical equivalent of the Raspberry Pi developed by the Chinese company Shenzhen Xunlong Software CO. The official store is on Aliexpress. Orange Pi is a complete range of mini-PC based SoC Allwinner(H3, H5, A64…). Less expensive, some models are equipped with eMMC memory more reliable and faster than the SD card usually used on Raspberry Pi. The Pi + and Pi + 2e models are equipped with a SATA connector to connect an external hard drive. Convenient to build a NAS, a multimedia file server, a mediacenter. The 2017 models are now equipped with bluetooth 4 (Pi Zero Plus 2, Win, Prime).

IoT development based on Orange Pi, Arduino (Firmata), Nodejs, Blynk and Johnny-Five

In this tutorial, I propose to combine Nodejs/Johnny-Five with Blynk to remotely control the GPIO of the Arduino/Firmata from a smartphone or a tablet and to make measurements (temperature and atmospheric pressure of a BMP180 in I2C ). In the previous article, we saw that it was very easy to …

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Start programming with Node Js and Johnny-Five: IoT and robotics based on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi

Johnny-Five is an open source Javascript library that allows the rapid and easy development of connected objects or small robotic projects (articulated arm, radio-controlled car …). In the previous tutorial, we saw how to replace the GPIO of the Orange Pi which fishing by its lack of libraries by an …

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Cayenne: Install the librairie on an Orange Pi under Armbian Jessie

cayenne orange pi lite dashboard

In this new tutorial on the Cayenne platform for connected objects IoT, we will install the necessary resources on an Orange Pi Lite (Wi-Fi version). Cayenne is still in the development phase. For now there is only Raspberry Pi that is supported, and still the official Raspbian distribution. Armbian (which …

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Two new Orange Pi boards with 64-bit ARM processor and 2GB RAM: Orange Pi Win Plus and Orange Pi Prime

Shenzhen Xunlong, the low-cost competitor of the Raspberry Pi that manufactures development cards and mini PCs for connected objects Orange Pi has just launched two new cards based on SoC ARM Allwinner 64-bits. The whole range gradually passes to 64-bit processors. The new development card is the Orange Pi Win …

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