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Linux : Armbian, Raspbian, Ubuntu…

Linux has quickly established itself as the preferred operating system in the field of connected objects. Lightweight, adaptable, resource and energy efficient, it is used in most projects, development cards (Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, Banana Pi …) and mini PC (next to Windows 10).
In this section you will find tutorials and practical resources for Armbian, Raspbian and Ubuntu.

Install Arduino IDE for Linux ARM (Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, Odroid …)

install ide arduino 1.8 linux armbian raspbian orange pi raspberry pi

The development cards Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi (and all others based on SoC ARM) lend themselves very well to the development of Arduino projects. We will see how to install and configure the Arduino IDE on an Orange Pi Plus 2e running under the Armbian Linux distribution (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS). …

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Orange Pi (Armbian): control the camera in Python with OpenCV

orange pi lite camera 2MP opencv python live preview

In the previous tutorial, we saw how to drive (display the live image, record a snapshot and a video clip using the keyboard) on a Raspberry Pi under Raspbian. In this tutorial we will do the same but on an Orange Pi Lite (WiFi version). It is unfortunately not possible …

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Install Thingspeak on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

installation thingspeak ubuntu 16-04 lts

You most certainly know the ThingSpeak online service that collects data from connected objects and creates Dashboards. ThingSpeak is an open source project whose sources are available on GitHub (project page). Nothing prevents us from installing it on a local machine to create our Dashboard without going through an online …

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Orange Pi Lite (unpacking) : Armbian installation (Wifi, keyboard, HDMI/DVI)

orange pi lite review unboxing

The Orange Pi Lite is a very cheap small computer board that comes to compete with the Raspberry Pi Zero. Many Linux distributions (Armbian, Raspbian, Android …) can be installed. It is not as compact as the Raspberry Pi Zero but it offers 2 USB ports, WiFi or Ethernet connectivity (Model One) and …

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