MakeX launches Migo on Kickstarter, a portable 3D printer with optional 1000mW laser module

MakeX has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstater for its 3D Migo printer project. The Migo is a small portable 3D printer that can also perform engraving using its laser module with a power of 1000mW. Entirely removable, it is for Maker who want to take their 3D printer to their friends or the local Fablab.

makex migo basic

Migo, the portable 3D printer for Makers

The goal of MakeX is to offer a 3D performance and portable printer that can be carried everywhere. It’s a little less exciting than taking your drone, but it meets the needs of Makers who want to meet friends friends or go tinkering with their project in the local Fablab. The Migo Basic weighs 2.5 kg (without its laser module or filament) and measures 185x235x325 mm. Obviously, with such a small size, the print volume is too small. It will be necessary to be content with a volume of 100x120x120mm. If that’s not enough, the L model is also offered in this Kickstarter campaign. It carries the print volume at 150x150x150mm. The Migo is quite fast (compared to the competition). It is capable of reaching a print speed of 200mm / s but remains behind the 300mm/s of a recent Ultimaker. It can be equipped with a heated bed (optional on the Basic model).

1 makex migo basic architecture

Several elements of decorations can be replaced to personalize it (blue, yellow, red, white …). The filament spool will take place on the side of the 3D printer

5 make x coloris migo

1000mW laser engraver, WiFi, Ethernet, camera

As an option on the Basic, it will be able to receive a 1000mW Laser module. This is enough power to make small engravings on wood for example. All Migos will be equipped with a WiFi and Ethernet connection. The idea of MakeX is to be able to create a small manufacturing workshop by networking the Migos. All models also have an auto leveling sensor (removable). It’s a good thing for a printer that has to travel!

3 migo makex gravure laser

Moreover, it is a strong point of MakeX which will also propose a Migo Generative Design printing preparation software. In addition to preparing impressions, he will be able to manage a fleet of printers, enough to create your small 3D printing company 🙂
6 makex logiciel 3d

A good printer for beginners

To make it a place in the highly competitive market of 3D printers, MakeX has not skimped on features or the software environment elsewhere. A smartphone app will monitor its prints (optional or serial camera on the L model). It will be fully controllable since his smartphone!

migo basic kickstarter smartphone demo

The Migo project will have to reach at least $ 100,000 to get started. Deliveries will begin in September 2018. The project is supported by many media including MRFactory (by which I received the info from elsewhere). It is already 18% funded at the time of writing this article. The campaign ends on Thursday, December 14th. Several contributions are proposed. The Basic Miga is priced at $ 149. We can add some options like the 1000mW laser module for $ 80, 500g filament 1.75mm for $ 20. There are less than 40 pieces available. To have the camera, the OLED display screen and the heated bed, it will cost $ 219 (instead of $ 499 when marketing). Then, the Migo L (probably for Large) is proposed at $ 319. At this price, we have a 3D printer capable of printing 150x150x150mm. It is also equipped with a heating bed, a 1000mW laser engraving and an OLED display screen. There are also other packs for brand lovers ($ 639 for the basic Migo + L pack) … The Kickstarter campaign page is here.

The Migo is a small, very interesting 3D printer. Let’s hope she can make a place for herself against the Asian steamroller. She has a lot of arguments in her favor for that. The price is still high enough for such a small print volume (100x120x120mm).

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