An IP66 waterproof enclosure for Sonoff Basic WiFi modules, POW, TH10, TH16, Dual, G1, G2

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ITEAD Studio, which designs and manufactures products under the Sonoff brand, has launched an IP66 waterproof case to install WiFi modules in difficult environments. Indeed, like most home automation accessories, Sonoff modules are primarily designed for indoor use. For projects where you need to install your modules in a humid environment or just outside, this case is particularly well suited. It will be ideal for example to control a pump or the filtration system of a pool in summer, control outdoor lighting. Hazard of the calendar (or not), Sonoff gives an example to pilot the lights of Christmas. The box is available only from $7 (including shipping) or in the form of a pack with a module from $13 with the Basic (attention not certified CE/FCC).

The case made of ABS V0. It is large enough (132.2 x 68.7 x 50.1mm) to fit most Sonoff Basic, POW, TH10, TH16, Dual, G1 or G2 modules. The cover is transparent which allows to see the LEDs of the status modules when the module is installed. We can easily keep an eye on its module in case of problems (WiFi connection error, lack of power …).

2 sonoff waterproff case ip66 basic dual pow th10 th16

The case can be fixed with 4 screws. 4 holes are provided on the base of the case for this purpose.

1 sonoff boitier etanche ip66 waterproff case wifi switch

The cable passage is sealed using a PG7 cable gland. The PG7 is compatible with electrical wires with a diameter between 3mm and 6.5mm. To ensure a good seal, it is important to use an electrical cable of the correct size and to tighten the gland correctly so that the seal does its job properly.

montage presse etoupe pg7 sonoff ip66 case waterproff

montage presse etoupe pg7 sonoff ip66 case waterproff cable

Features of IP66 waterproof case for Sonoff modules

  • Material: ABS V0
  • Fixing with 4 screws
  • Transparent hood. Fixing with 4 screws.
  • Gasket for the top cover
  • 2 cable glands with connector to PG7 standard. Replacement cable gland PG7
  • Dimensions: 132.2 x 68.7 x50.1mm (L * W* H)
  • Weight: 145g
  • All the features here

How to read the IP66 index?

  • The first number indicates the degree of dust resistance. Here the 6 indicates totally protected against dust.
  • The second number indicates the degree of protection to water. Here the 6 means Protected against strong jets of water from all directions to the lance (12.5 mm nozzle, distance 2.5 m to 3 m, flow rate 100 l / min ± 5%).

To convince you of the effectiveness of the box, the team of Itead put a small video demonstration on Vimeo.

Warning. Do not play this demonstration at home. The IP66 standard protects the case from a strong jet of water but not a total immersion!
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  1. TH10 or TH1 without the actual temperature/humidity sensor attached isn’t going to be much use, though.

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