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PlatformIO IDE

PlatformIO (website) is a complete ecosystem to develop connected objects that can replace the ancestral IDE Arduino. PIO is based on the open source Atom editor developed by GitHub. PlatformIO. But PIO is also a complete professional development environment that offers many tools: a cross-platform compiler, a library manager, a debugger, a unit test system, update and remote serial monitoring ( PIO Remote), support for online publishers (Cloud9 for example). These services are offered as a monthly subscription (starting at $ 9.99). A Community version allows all editor functions to be used and up to 50 remote updates per month.

Install the IDE PlatformIO extension for Visual Studio Code (VSCode): Windows, 32-bit Linux

PlatformIO is available as an extension for Visual Studio Code (also called VSCode) from Microsoft. VSCode is a free lightweight code editor for Windows, MacOS, 32-bit Linux and 64-bit. Installing the PlatformIO extension for VSCode is a good alternative to the official Atom-based solution. VSCode is a code editor much …

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Start with PlatformIO, the alternative IDE for Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32 and other microcontrollers

PlatformIO IDE is a development environment that can replace the traditional Arduino IDE. PlatformIO supports more than 400 development cards for the main microcontrollers (Atmel AVR, Espressif ESP8266 and ESP32, STMicro STM32, Teensy …). It is not a simple code editor, it is a true development platform that targets the …

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