Node-RED is a graphical programming language for building connected objects (and many other things). Node-Red is an Open Source project (and free) supported by IBM. Programmed with Node-RED binder functions presented in the form of bricks. The data stream passes from one treatment to the other (from one function to the other). Some functions offer settings that simply set using a choice list or a field to fill (eg an API key to a weather service). There are hundreds of plugins in all areas, save data to a database (MySQL, MongoDB …) control the I/O of Arduino or Raspberry PI (with Johny Five plugin for example) add a graphical interface (UI) to draw graphics, display gauges, control a relay with a button …

Getting start with MQTT Mosquitto Broker on Raspberry Pi, Windows, MacOS and Linux

mqtt mosquitto broker mqttfx

Mosquitto is an Open Source MQTT (Broker) server that can be installed on a Raspberry Pi (but also on other platforms) to facilitate communication between connected objects (M2M). Mosquitto is an ideal tool for integrating objects connected to a home automation server such as Jeedom, openHAB, Domoticz or Home Assistant. In …

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ESP Easy + MQTT + Node-RED: bi-directional communication, dashboard

node-red mqtt esp easy mqtt mosquitto publish subscribe gpio dht22

ESP Easy integrates several default communication protocols, several based on MQTT (Domoticz MQTT, OpenHAB MQTT and PiDome MQTT). These protocols are very focused “home automation servers”. If you develop your own applications (home automation or others) with Node-RED, we will see how to communicate with connected objects developed with ESP8266 …

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Dashboard for IoT with Node-RED. Part 2: Gauges, Graphs, Notifications, HTML

node-red dashboard module mysensors dht22

Here is the second article about creating a dashboard for object connected using the Dashboard module for Node-RED. In this tutorial, we will be interested in adding graphic displays. The Dashboard module offers 4 types of display (gauge, charts, text field, notification), the ui-control component which allows to change tab …

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