There are many Open Source software to create dashboards to display data from connected objects (DIY or others). In this category you will find tutorials to implement the main ones. Grafana is a data analysis and visualization software that depends on time. It is very well suited for viewing measurements from sensors or connected objects. One can connect Grafana to several data sources: CloudWatch, ElasticSearch, Graphite, InfuxDB, OpenTSDB, Promotheus. Freeboard.io allows to create dashboards online (a free offer is offered) but also on a local computer.

Install Grafana on macOS and Raspbian for Raspberry Pi. Example dashboard for connected object MySensors with Node-RED and InfluxDB [Update]

Grafana is an Open Source software that allows time-dependent dashboards and graphs of data. Grafana runs on Windows PC (64-bit), macOS and Raspbian for ...

#Test Waveshare 7 inch 1024×600 pixel LCD touch screen with acrylic holder for Raspberry Pi

Today we will test the kit Waveshare consisting of a touch screen 7 inches (1024x600 pixels) and an acrylic support in the back of which it is possible to ...

Weather station with ePaper display (Dashboard) for Jeedom on Raspberry Pi (via the JSON RPC API)

Last week, we were able to test the 2.7-inch ePaper (eInk) screen from Chinese manufacturer Waveshare. We did not go very far in the presentation. I needed ...

#Test Waveshare ePaper (eInk) 2.7” inch SPI screen on Raspberry Pi in Python

We are used to using OLED or LCD screens for our connected object projects. If energy consumption is a crucial problem for your projects, e-paper screens (also ...

Install Thingspeak on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

You most certainly know the ThingSpeak online service that collects data from connected objects and creates Dashboards. ThingSpeak is an open source project ...

Dashboard for IoT with Node-RED. Part 2: Gauges, Graphs, Notifications, HTML

Here is the second article about creating a dashboard for object connected using the Dashboard module for Node-RED. In this tutorial, we ...

Freeboard.io: installation on Ubuntu 16.04 with Nginx

In the previous tutorial we saw how to install and run Freeboard.io on Ubuntu with an Apache 2 web server. In this tutorial we will see how to do the same with ...

Freeboard.io: installation on Ubuntu 16.04 with Apache2

Freeboard.io is an Open Pource project that creates interfaces for displaying data from connected objects or performing actions (lighting lamps, driving relays ...

Create a dashboard for IoT with Node-RED. Part 1: button, list, switch, slider, form, input field

Node-RED Dashboard module allows you to very easily add a (very nice) graphic interface to a Node-RED project. The Dashboard module ...

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