Cayenne is an open source platform of the French company Avanquest facilitating the development and communication with connected objects (IoT). Cayenne runs on Raspberry Pi and Arduino microcontrollers (also ESP8266). It is possible to control actuators and receive sensor measurements without programming using the GPIO of Raspberry Pi for example. Cayenne is available as a mobile app on iOS and Android as well as from the internet All information and orders are grouped in very elegant Dashboards.

Cayenne IoT + ESP8266: driving a mini kit Pan-Tilt FPV SG90 in WiFi with a smartphone or tablet

In this new tutorial on Cayenne IoT, we will learn how to control an articulated Pan-Tilt PTZ SG90 system in WiFi. In the previous ...

Cayenne: Install the librairie on an Orange Pi under Armbian Jessie

In this new tutorial on the Cayenne platform for connected objects IoT, we will install the necessary resources on an Orange Pi Lite (Wi-Fi version). Cayenne ...

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