How to install the Shell Bash Linux (Ubuntu) on Windows 10 64-bit

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Microsoft has taken a 180 ° turn by taking some of these professional products on Linux and now by allowing to use the Linux Bash on Windows 10. You will tell me, but what it can serve me well, I am not a developer ! Yes, it is true, on a daily basis, it is perfectly useless. But if like me you hack microcontrollers, do some HTML programming, cross-platform on mobile … it is often easier to use Linux versions. Microsoft really succeeded because it is neither an emulator nor a virtual machine. It is a real subsystem developed between Canonical (the publisher of Ubuntu) and Microsoft that runs Linux Bash. Do not pack too fast, it is still a version under development and it will be difficult to use software with a graphical interface. But it is quite possible to start a Web server or a database.

How to install Ubuntu Bash on Windows 10

Before you start, you must verify that you have the correct version of Windows 10. To do so, open the system parameters

parametres systeme windows

Open System Information. The Professional version is not mandatory. On the other hand, the build number must be at least 14393. You must finally have an x64 version of Windows 10. If not, you can check if your computer is compatible with the x64 version and migrate your system 32 bits. To do this, follow this tutorial.

windows 10 x64 bash linux ubuntu compatible 14393 693

If everything is correct, do a developer mode search. Enable Developer Mode.

windows10 active mode developpeur

You will need to restart after installing the necessary components that are running in the background.

After restarting, search the Cortana field for Programs and Features.

windows 10 x64 programmes fonctionnalites

In the left sidebar, click Add, disable Windows functionality

windows 10 activer fonctionnalites sous systeme bash linux

In the selection window that appears, check the Windows Subsystem for Linux feature and validate

windows 10 installer sous systeme bash linux ubuntu

Once the installation is complete, you will need to restart the PC.

redemarrer pour terminer installation

It’s almost over. Once restarted, look for bash in the search field

bash linux

At first launch, Windows will complete the installation by downloading Ubuntu. Type o to continue.

installation ubuntu compte unix

Once installed, Ubuntu invites you to create a Unix account. You will need to enter a username and password. The installation is now complete, you can close the window and restart the Bash from the Start menu just like any other application. You may notice in passing that the Windows partition has been mounted on Ubuntu (/mnt/c), ie you can access all your files from Linux.

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