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INA219 (GY-219), I2C direct current sensor up to 26V@3.2A. INA3221, 3 channel

ina219 gy 219 bi direction dc current power supply breakout sensor module diy

The INA219 (GY-219) is a power consumption measurement sensor. The INA219 can measure direct current up to 26V (3.2A max.). Measurements can be easily retrieved from an Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32 or Raspberry Pi . The INA219 is supported by the ESP Easy firmware .

Please note, the INA219 is not designed to perform alternating current measurements. To monitor the consumption of electrical devices powered by 220V, you can use a SCT-013 type sensor .

INA219, I2C current sensor up to 26V@3.2A

INA3221, 3 channel

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