Homy is an application for smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android. Homy allows you to control your own connected objects based on Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32. It is very easy to communicate with Homy using MQTT messages. Homy supports the Domoticz home automation server via HTTP, HTTPS or MQTT connection. You will be able to control and access your sensors even outside of your home.

Homy, iOS / Android home automation application to control a server or DIY connected objects

After several months of silence, I'm happy to introduce Homy. Homy is a mobile application running iOS and Android that allows you to control connected objects ...

Control Home Assistant from Homy, configure the connector

Homy has been supporting the Open Source Home Automation Server since version 0.2.6 (March 2019). Homy uses a Websocket connection to communicate with the Home ...

Control HASS shutters, blinds and garage door (cover component) from Homy

Home Assistant has a highly evolved component to control the opening (garage door, shutters, curtains, blinds slats orientable ...). The cover component is ...

Control Home Assistant HVAC, Heat Pump and Thermostats (climate component)

The Climate component of Home Assistant can control the connected thermostats, air conditioning or heat pump from many manufacturers including Dyson Pure ...

Control Home Assistant Vacuum component (robot vacuum cleaner) from Homy

The HASS Vacuum component is used to manage several connected vacuum cleaner robots of the Dyson, Ecovacs (all Deebot models), iRobot Roomba 980, Neato ...

Control Domoticz from Homy, configure the HTTP / HTTPS connector

Homy has been supporting the Domoticz Open Source Domotic Server since version 0.1 (December 2018). Homy uses an HTTP connection to communicate with the ...

Control your Tasmota home automation accessories, configure the Homy MQTT connector

The Tasmota firmware is very easy to install on Sonoff home automation modules. It installs instead of the official firmware and drive these modules from ...

Control Domoticz via the JSON API, configure the Homy MQTT connector

The Domoticz JSON API can be controlled very simply using MQTT messages. By connecting your Domoticz server to an online broker such as cloudMQTT, you can ...

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