Home Assistant, Home Automation Server

Home Assistant (aka HA or HASS) is a completely free home automation software developed with the Python language. From a simple project to learn how to program in Python, Home Assistant has become in some years one of the most popular open source home automation projects on GitHub. Home Assistant supports the majority of current home automation protocols (RFXtrx, MQTT, MySensors, Modbus, Z-Wave, 1-Wire,). HASS can be used on all the platforms that can run Python (Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi, etc.). HA can be used on all platforms that can run Python (Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi 3, NAS Synology, Docker, Linux …).

ESP8266 + DHT22 + MQTT: make a connected object IoT and include it in Home Assistant

ESP8266 + DHT22 + MQTT, here's how we will learn how to make our first connected object (a temperature probe) and connect it to the Home Assistant server. To ...

How to Include RFLink Radio Home Automation Devices at Home Assistant (HASS)

Home Assistant integrates natively the support of radio home appliances compatible with the Open Source RFLink gateway. In the previous ...

Include ESP8266 + DHT22 + Homie MQTT IoT in Home Assistant (HASS)

After introducing the Homie library in the two previous articles (well starting with Homie, programming principle), it is time to move on ...

How to include MySensors v2 IoT objects in Home Assistant (HASS)

Connected objects developed using the MySensors library are very well supported by Home Assistant. In this tutorial, we will see how to ...

#Test: installing and Including the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit on Home Assistant (HASS)

The Xiaomi Smart Home kit is very well supported by the Open Source Home Assistant home automation server. This very economical kit ...

Soma Smart Shades, Wazombi Labs Solar Connected Curtain Motorization

Smart Shades by Wazombi Labs is a small box that allows motorizing a window blind. Wazombin Labs is a small Estonian service company. It specializes in circuit ...

Install Home Assistant (HASS) on an Orange Pi running under Armbian

Home Assistant is a home automation server fully developed in the Python language, so it is possible to install it on an Orange Pi. For ...

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