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In this category, you will find many articles to help you start well in home automation but also exploit the full potential of your system. The second purpose of these articles is to allow everyone to make your own DIY connected accessories or objects and integrate open source software most used. You will find tutorials on Domoticz, Jeedom, OpenHAB, Home Wizard of Raspberry Pi and Docker. Many technologies are discussed to allow everyone to find the solution corresponding to the developed project: ESP8266, MySensors, MQTT, RFLink, Homebridge to operate devices from iOS.

Unpacking and configuring the Xiaomi Smart Home 6 in 1 Kit with the Mi Home app (iOS or Android)

xiaomi smart home kit motion temperature switch door windows plug gateway button

The Xiaomi Smart Home kit is a widely used DIY home automation system. Xiaomi designs high-quality home automation products at a very reasonable price. In the next tutorials, we will see how to integrate the connected Xiaomi devices on a home automation server (Home Assistant, Domoticz and Jeedom). Whatever your …

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