HealthyPi, Raspberry Pi 3 extension for Vital Signs (ECG / Respiration, Pulse Oximeter, Temperature)

The ProtoCentral HealthyPi is an extension project for Raspberry Pi compatible with HAT for monitoring vital signs such as ECG, respiration, pulse oximeter and temperature.

ProtoCentral is an Indian company based in Bangalore. She is launching her project on the participatory financing platform Crowd Supply. The HealthyPi is a very affordable open source device for home surveillance or healthcare facilities in emerging countries. The HealthyPi does not yet have any certification (FDA, CE). It can not be used in medical facilities. However, it can be used in education, research and prototyping of medical devices.

The HealthyPi expansion card is built around an Atmel ATSAMD21 Cortex-M0 MCU. It is the same microcontroller that is used for the Arduino M0 / Zero. The HealthyKit incorporates quality components commonly used in medical devices:

  • ECG and breathing – based on 24-bit ADI converter TI ADS1292R (SNR of 107 dB)
  • Pulse oximeter – based on TI AFE4490
  • Temperature – digital temperature sensor I2C Maxim MAX30205
  • 20x disposable ECG electrodes (Covidien Medi-Trace)

Communication with the HealthyPi is via the 40-pin GPIO UART interfaces. There is also a CDC USB device interface and an additional UART connector for connecting an external blood pressure module.

There is also a complete kit that adds a Raspberry Pi 3, a Raspberry Pi 7 “official touch screen, a SmartiPi Touch (full kit), an isolated 5V / 2.5A USB power adapter, a preloaded 16GB micro SD Raspbian and the Open Source HealthyPi software.

HealthyPi software compatible with Raspberry Pi, MacOS, Windows and Open Source Linux can be retrieved from the GitHub page of Protocentral. In addition to real-time monitoring of vital parameters, it enables tele-medicine by sharing data in HTTP or MQTT.

More information

The HealthyPi v3 only expansion card is available now on Crowd Supply at $ 195. The early bird kit at 369 € and the complete that adds a SmartiPi Touch case to 395 $. The number of kit is limited in volume. Shipments will begin on July 10, 2017. More information on the Crowd Supply HealthyPi page and the ProtoCentral website.

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