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Best Useful English Essay Topics: 2021


The ball is in your court but you do not know how to hit a three-pointer! The same is the situation when a teacher assigns you an essay with an open choice of topic. The only hint that you might have could be the type of essay and write essay for me. So what do you do? You make a selection from the following incredible idea for various type of essays.


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Argumentative Essay Ideas


  • Role of capital punishment when considering deterrence.
  • Should smartphones be banned for young users?
  • Role of social media in connecting people.
  • Compensation for college athletes
  • Obesity is a disease
  • Why is certain healthcare better than others?
  • Home environment and its effect of child cognition
  • Smoking should be banned in an official setting
  • Role of nature versus the role of nurture
  • Positive aspects of gaming.
  • Can esports be termed as sports?
  • How coaching impact athletes?
  • Why is Shakespeare considered the greatest of all time?


Persuasive Essay Ideas


  • Technology has improved social life
  • Industrialization is destroying the natural environment
  • A diverse workforce is better for company profits
  • Role of the internet in destroying the music industry
  • Parents should be concerned with children behavior
  • Role of parenting in the academic life of students "write my paper"
  • Traditions serve as means of developing identities
  • Computers are one of the most essential disciplines today.
  • The part people can play on global warming reduction.
  • Video games as beneficial tools of entertainment


All of these ideas can be utilized. If you have any essay topics in mind, then, by all means, use them. You could also get brilliant ideas for various topics by contacting a specialist essay writer.


Literary Analysis Essay


  • Shakespeare's plays and the most common element in all
  • Describe the role of a fool in various plays by Shakespeare.
  • Identify the meaning of the title “Hills Like White Elephants” from the story
  • Believing in the unknown and such a theme as depicted in “The Lottery”
  • Explain the personality of the mother in the short story “Girl”
  • Identify the motive behind the behavior of the main character from “Overcoat”.
  • Importance of setting in the “write my essay
  • Explain the position towards the modern society in “The Story of an Hour”


Narrative Essay Ideas


  • Explain your most terrifying experience
  • The most memorable surprise you ever got
  • A journey of a lifetime
  • Meeting your best friend
  • Conquering your worst fear
  • Role of parenting in your life
  • Remembering childhood and fond memories
  • The day you helped change someone’s life
  • A valuable lesson you learned in life
  • How experience made professional life better?


Rhetorical Analysis Ideas


  • Examine a speech and identify the rhetorics used.
  • Pick an article on racism and explain the viewpoint of the author and whether you agree or disagree.
  • Study a store of your choice and examine the rhetorical strategies used.


Classification Essay Ideas


  • Base most popular video games on the genre
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Teaching style
  • Automobiles on the basis of their engine efficiency
  • Supercars
  • Communication strategies
  • Smartphones
  • Computer users
  • Marketing means and strategies
  • Various forms of addictions and the ways to conquer these.

As you can see, a wide variety awaits you. You must have certain general rules about writing essays to remember and then make the magic happen based on these topics. One of the most essential things to essay writing service and remember is that you should never divert away from the topic that you have chosen. This is because the whole impact making capacity would vanish and the audience would be grumpy about it. Develop an outline to guide your research and the content and then proofread the final draft for precision and grammar. Follow these and you would get an “A” for sure.


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