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Online Graduate Degrees in Accounting

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Accredited Schools Offer Online Accounting Degrees & Certificates

Many schools offer accounting certificates and graduate degrees. Distance education formats offer flexibility and convenience for online learners. Don't hurry to find someone who will write my essay for me cheap, read the full article at first.
For those whose obligations and physical location make regular attendance in traditional classes difficult, and for others who simply prefer the online format, distance education programs offer flexibility and convenience. Accounting professionals who already have an undergraduate degree in accounting and those who wish to develop advanced accounting skills can find an accredited program to meet their needs.

While many online schools offer accounting degrees not all of them are accredited. Accreditation by an accrediting body approved by the U.S. Department of Education, helps to ensure that those who would otherwise be eligible for government grants and loans have access to those funds. Accreditation is often required by colleges for transfer of credits and by employers when determining qualifications for positions.


Certificate Programs in Accounting

Accounting certificates are ideal for those who wish to enter the accounting field. They give students a depth and breadth of accounting knowledge which can be used as a platform to begin an accounting career. Professionals who are already working in accounting positions can update skills, gain specialized accounting knowledge, and complete educational requirements for credentials.

Accredited schools offer a variety of accounting certificates. Accounting, taxation, international taxation, forensic accounting, and governmental and managerial accounting certificates are some of the online format offerings at these universities:

  • Davenport University: Certificate in Forensic Accounting
  • Golden Gate University: Graduate Certificates in Accounting, Taxation, Int'l Taxation
  • Northeastern University: Certificate in Advanced Accounting
  • Regis University: Graduate Certificate in Accounting
  • Southern New Hampshire University: Graduate Certificate in Accounting
  • Strayer University: Graduate Certificates in Accounting
  • TUI University: Graduate Certificates in both Governmental and Managerial Accounting
  • University of West Florida: Certificate in Professional Accountancy

Online Masters Accounting Degrees

Whether looking for a Masters in Accountancy (MAc) degree or other specialized Masters degree program, coursework and degree programs formatted for online learning are available at a number of universities. In addition to core sub-disciplines in accounting, many programs allow students to customize their program to include specialized classes in their area of interest.

Masters programs differ in their prerequisite requirements, pacing, and affordability. It's important to compare programs before students choose one they believe will meet their needs. Colleges which offer online Masters programs include:

  • Golden Gate University: MAc in Accountancy
  • Liberty University: MAc in Accountancy
  • Northwest Missouri University: MBA with Accounting Emphasis
  • Sacramento State University: MAc in Accountancy
  • State University of New York: MAc in Accountancy
  • U Maryland University College: Variety of Accounting and Finance MS programs
  • Keller Graduate School of Management: MS in Accounting and Financial Management
  • University of Texas at Dallas: MS in Accounting and Information Management
  • University of Tulsa: Master of Taxation

Doctoral Studies in Accounting

Doctoral programs in accounting afford students the ability to teach in colleges and universities, may open a variety of other career opportunities, and can increase employability and salary. Students may choose to enter a doctoral program for the challenge of completing a rigorous course of study in their field, or for the prestige of having a doctoral degree.

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Accredited accounting doctoral programs in the distance education format are rare. Currently, universities offer doctoral of business degrees with an accounting specialization. A few of the options include:

  • Argosy University: DBA with Accounting Concentration
  • Northcentral University: DBA with Accounting Specialization
  • Walden University: Ph.D in Managerial Sciences with Accounting Concentration

Accounting Programs Online

Online graduate accounting degrees and certificates are offered by accredited schools throughout the United States. Accredited schools also offer undergraduate distance education programs in accounting. All of these online programs have diverse offerings to challenge and engage the independent learner.

Accounting programs online offer students who desire a career in accounting the skills and knowledge base needed to succeed. Also, nowadays students always may pay for essay cheap. They are a desirable option for those who seek specialized skills and degrees to further their career while continuing to work in the field.





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