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Python library evdev on Raspberry Pi to use a Gamepad in your DIY projects (servomotor, games, robotic...)

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The Python evdev library makes it possible to decode the codes sent by the input devices (keyboard, mouse, analog joystick, gamepad ...) to exploit them in any project. We can for example use a gamepad in a game project or drive the servomotors of a robotic arm as the ROT2U 6DOF presented in this article.…

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 Armando Altieri
(@Armando Altieri)
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Hi. Great tutorial, it works fine.
But I have a question: I'm programming a game with raspberry, and I would use evdev. But if I start this "read_loop" to read the gamepad's events, I can't do other thing in the code. How may I read gamepad events and at same time run other lines of code? Thank you

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 Oliver Hoffmann
(@Oliver Hoffmann)
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Hey there, same for me, I appreciate the tutorial with all explanations. Thanks for this.
Still I have the same question: How to integrate the evdev module within a code that is running and were the events of a gamepad are just needed in a certain situation? I appreciate the possibilities but just do not know how to integrate it within an already running code where it should just look at the values on specific times..
Thanks for the answer!!

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