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Test of the Shield Motor I2C Wemos D1 Mini (or Pro) to drive 2x 15Vdc motors

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Today, I propose to discover the Shield Motor I2C for Wemos D1 Mini. This small shield built around the Toshiba TB6612FNG driver allows to control 2 DC motors. The Shield is capable of independently controlling the speed and direction of each motor (A, B). The maximum permissible power is 1.2A per motor. It supports a…

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Hello Craig. It's too bad ! Indeed the copy protection was activated by default on a plugin. It is resolved. You have to understand that unfortunately many blogs are unscrupulous with the work of others! See you soon i hope

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Hi, I read through your post and found it very useful to understand the motor shield.
I was wondering whether it might be possible to run both of the motor controllers together in parallel with one set of input commands? This would enable the motor shield to control one motor but with twice the current capability.

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