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How to create a beautiful Web Interface for projects ESP8266 / ESP32 with Bootstrap

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 Pedro Milano
(@Pedro Milano)
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Hi, Thanks, It works for me..

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 Anderson Lima
(@Anderson Lima)
Joined: 2 years ago

Great Article. But, how can I know the classes inside the bootstrap that I can use. I mean, in the code above you use col-md-4 for the buttons. How do you know it will be Green Collor and size 4? Where can I get these information? Thanks

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Hello Lima and thank you very much. You can find all explanation directly on Bootstrap user guide. Here an example for your question about col-md-4 Have a good day. Christophe

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What if I want to get some variables from another source (an Arduino Uno/Nano for example)?

This is my case:
I have a heating automation (Arduino Nano, 6 relays, 11 x DS18B20, i2c LCD, etc.).
I wish to display the Arduino temperatures and other variables in the ESP-01 webpage.
As a second step, I wish to be able to send some data back to the Nano (turn on the heat for x minutes, modify some working parameters)

Giving the fact I have just few kb room left in Nano, it will be quite impossible to host the webpage in Nano. Having the webpage on ESP and retrieve/send data from/to Nano over serial seems a good solution.

There is also variant i2c as a communication channel between ESP (master) and Nano(slave) but maybe it seems more complicated than the serial since Nano is already i2c master for the LCD and RTC module.

Any ideas?

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