Category: Tutorials ESP8266: Arduino IDE programming – Web Server – Web Client – IoT

The ESP8266 is a small revolution in the family of Arduino microcontrollers. It is programmed as an Arduino using the Arduino IDE or in the Lua language (close to the Python). It is found for about 4 €. The ESP8266 has an analog input (3.2V), a serial port (RX / TX) and 9 digital inputs (3.3V max). You will find in this section many tutorials that address the following:

  • Installing (or reinstalling) the firmware, updating the firmware : NodeMCU (Lua), ESP Easy (IoT without programming)…
  • Programming from the Arduino IDE and using libraries
  • Web Server Programming: we add an HTML interface to drive the ESP8266 from a tablet, a smartphone, a computer from home or from the internet
  • Web Client programming: query services on the Internet (weather, time server …) or send data on an online service (Thingspeak…)
  • Example of code and tutorials in domotics, connected objects …
  • And many other projects
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