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Web Server (Interface)

The ESP8266 can function as a mini web server (Web Server) that can be used to create a graphical interface accessible from a web browser. It is possible to use very recent themes to create modern HTML interfaces (Bootstrap, Bootswatch …). You can control the GPIO directly from a web browser, draw charts (Google Charts, Chart.js, Gauge.js …). The Wi-Fi connection of the ESP8266 gives a new dimension to 100% DIY connected objects projects!

Driving the ESP8266 GPIO (Web Server) from Jeedom to TCP / IP Wireless – Part 2

ESP8266 DHT22 BMP180 wemos Shield Relay jeedom ESP8266HTTPCLIENT_

Here is the second part of the article to communicate an ESP8266 in TCP/IP with Jeedom. In this tutorial we will see how to drive the GPIO of an ESP8266 from Jeedom using HTTP requests (TCP / IP). The principle is the same as for Domoticz (article), we start a …

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Driving the GPIO of the ESP8266 (Web Server) from Domoticz to TCP/IP Wireless – Part 2


We continue today the tutorial dedicated to the exchange of data between Domoticz and an ESP8266 by HTTP request and more particularly how to control the GPIO from Domoticz. In the previous article, we set up sending data from an ESP8266 to Domoticz. In this article, we will set up communication …

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