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ESP Easy is a firmware for ESP8266 WiFi modules that allows anybody to create small objects connected without any programming. ESPEasy can be installed directly from the Arduino IDE from source code or by using a small program (only available on Windows). Easy ESP features a mini web server to configure the remote module. Numerous sensors are supported: DS18B20 / DHT11 / DHT22 (temperature and humidity) TCR5000 (pulse counter) BMP085 / BMP280 / BME280 (digital barometer) BH1750 (brightness), Wiegand / PN532 (RFID), HC-SR05 (distance), IR, ADS1115 (4 analog inputs 16-bit I2C) INA219 (current measurement) … and actuators (relays, lEDs, power, PWM …). ESP also integrated Easy (from R120 view) a script editor that can create small scenarios, transforming the ESP8266 mini server independent Home Automation!

ESP Easy + MQTT + Node-RED: bi-directional communication, dashboard

node-red mqtt esp easy mqtt mosquitto publish subscribe gpio dht22

ESP Easy integrates several default communication protocols, several based on MQTT (Domoticz MQTT, OpenHAB MQTT and PiDome MQTT). These protocols are very focused “home automation servers”. If you develop your own applications (home automation or others) with Node-RED, we will see how to communicate with connected objects developed with ESP8266 …

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Jeedom: create an OLED SSD1306 display with ESP Easy (HTTP request)

jeedom oled display ssd1306 esp easy wemos d1 mini

In the previous tutorial we saw how to integrate small Wi-Fi connected objects in Jeedom (retrieve data and send commands) using the ESP Easy framework for ESP8266 modules. In this tutorial, we will see how to create a small display based on an OLED SSD1306 display and an ESP8266 Wemos D1 …

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ESP Easy: how to develop your own plugins

espeasy plugin playground develop

In the previous tutorial we saw how to customize the ESP Easy firmware from Playground plugins, the sandbox that allows any developer to offer add-ons. I am currently preparing a small project to monitor the indoor air quality based on an MQ135 sensor. How there is not yet a module …

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