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LilyGo TTGO T-Watch, ESP32 smart watches to program yourself! • DIY Projects
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LilyGo TTGO T-Watch, ESP32 smart watches to program yourself!

t watch 2020 esp32 main chip 154 inch touch display programmable wearable

T-Watch 2020, ESP32 connected watch to program yourself!

It is a real connected watch with the design of the Apple Watch based on a fully programmable ESP32 with C++ code from the Arduino IDE or PlatformIO (recommended). No extension is possible.

Warning, version 1 does not have GPS. Version 2 is under development. It is not yet available for sale.

380mAh replacement battery to GB/T 18287 standard

3.7V Lithium Ion replacement battery with a capacity of 380mAh compatible with the TWatch 2020

T-Watch 2019 TOUCH with TFT touch screen

The T-Watch case is clearly not a smart watch but has many advantages.

In a compact 40x38x20mm box are concentrated, the Core PCB, the motherboard (Core PCB) which embeds

T-Watch 2019 NO TOUCH without TFT touch screen

Version without touchscreen

Expansion boards for T-Watch 2019 (any version)

Expansion card that connects to the Core PCB. The box can only receive one expansion board. The list of expansion cards is constantly evolving:

Accessories for T-Watch 2019 (any version)

300mAh LiPo battery with replacement 2-pin JST connector

Compatible 300mAh battery

T-Block et T-Bot

The T-Block is an attractive small plastic case ideal for children. The PCB embeds an ESP32, 8MB of flash memory, 16MB of SPRAM memory, an RTC clock (PCF8563), a 3-axis accelerometer (MPU6050) and an AXP202 power controller that can be controlled via the I2C bus with C++ code. The display is entrusted to a 1.54” e-Paper screen.

The T-Bot is a version that incorporates an expansion board on which an HC-SR04 ultrasonic proximity sensor is placed. The T-Block is then installed on a base equipped with a motor to transform the T-Bot into a mini robot! Up to 3 analog sensors can be installed on the expansion board in addition to the HC-SR04.

K210 AIOT with 2MP OV2640 camera

The K210 uses a SoC K210 AIOT of Kendryte instead of ESP32. The easiest way to use the camera module is to use the LiLyGo MaixPy project fork. MaixPy uses MicroPython for programming.

It is also possible to develop in C++ using the library available for the Arduino IDE.

Warning, Kendryte, the manufacturer of SoC K210 seems to have gone bankrupt, or has been bought ?.

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